Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Chivalry is Dead

Argh. I rode the LRT2 (Purple Line) a few weeks ago and I was very disgusted.

I was first in line while I was waiting at the platform but as soon as the train arrived, three men cut my way as I acted to step into the train. I didn't mind that, I thought that perhaps they're impatient kinds of people who can't stand slow-moving people like me. As I was standing inside the train (there were no more seats for me), I got more pissed when I realized that most of the seats were taken by men--and I don't mean old, disabled men--these are either college men or yuppies who are oh-so-comfortably seated with their legs apart. I don't really mind standing up--I sit on my butt the whole day at work, and I feel I am a young, strong and healthy woman. What I DO mind is that these guys (I decided not to call them MEN for they don't act like one) are actually ignoring the senior citizens, old ladies and pregnant women who are standing RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM. And they pretend to be so engrossed with the music that's playing on their iPod or phone to even notice that these ladies are carrying a lot of stuff they bought from Divisoria.

Whatever happened to chivalry?