Friday, November 17, 2006

It's Christmas at Starbucks

Don't fret, I still know how to write. I was pretty busy with work, family, and my dancing career lately and I found little or no time to write an entry.

But now I'm back, and so as the Starbucks Christmas beverages!

We had a blast at the Trick or Treat event held at our office last Halloween, and me and my (dorky) officemates almost forgot about the Starbucks Christmas Traditions Card.

Now we're drowning ourselves with coffee just to fill up our cards with stickers, and get the Starbucks 2007 planner. I am missing my Black Forest Mocha Ice Blended -Decaf and No Sugar Added from Coffee Bean, but I want to get my Starbucks card over with as soon as possible. Can't wait to have it! Harrrr...