Thursday, December 07, 2006


Just let me be sentimental today. I realized I said goodbye a lot of times this year. This time, I am saying goodbye to the HR Recruitment team of C-cubed. Tomorrow is that last day that I will be working at my messy desk.

Which is no different from my desk (or should I say space?) at the old site.

I had such a fun and worthwile year. I'll cherish the things that I learned and the people who I've built relationships with. Here are snapshots of my year at HTMT.

Halloween 2005

Our song number at the HR Christmas Party 2005 (photo op with the managers)
When I am sleepy... (Can you spot me in this pic?)
Our Summer 2006 trip to 9Waves
Labor Day 2005 at Puerto Galera (Taking advantage of the long weekend!)
Halloween 2006 at the new site

I will miss them.