Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Texts Gone Crazy

I used to have my own company phone back in C-cubed. I get in touch with applicants and colleagues using that phone. And boy, these applicants sent texts that are just out of this world! You've read my entries about how the grammatical errors of people I interview keep me sane at work. I followed it up with "Confessions of a Recruitment Assistant", then I finally concluded that we need new english teachers. Now before my entries here turn British, let me share the text messages from different applicants that I have received during the year that I had a company cellphone. (I am writing the texts exactly as I have received it.)

  1. I was trying to call one applicant, but he wasn't picking up. He sent me a text a few minutes later: "i cnt answer d fone,cra ung earfist.hus calling?" (I can't aswer the phone, my earPIECE is busted. Who's calling?)

  2. "gudpm! mom elaine, dis is ______ u just interviewed me a while ago about da call center, its just i found out dat i lost da brochure, mom is it ok if i ask da complete address of the company..? sorry to disturb u mom elain. Tnx. God bless!" Not only did this guy mispell my name, he also made me his mom! After reading his text, I can't believe I invited him over for a second interview. Me sleeping on the job eh? Haha.

  3. I keep getting disconnected everytime I try to call this applicant. She texted back to explain: "Im sory my pone turns of."

  4. After the phone interview, this guy texted me: "gud afternun mam,just wnt 2 thnk u 4d tym, im rily sori but it rily kip me nervouse wen sme1 wud interview me in fluent-english,i admit im not gud in oral-eng.-commun."

  5. "Gud pm ma'am..diz iz _________ d1 wu talkd 2 u awhle it ok if u txt me ol d inf0. Coz ac2ly im runing out of intrstd ma'am..tnx"

  6. "Ma'am, can u please re-sched my interview.. Something just g0t happened to my grandmother.. I was here at the h0spital right n0w.. If its okay?" Argh. Me sleeping on the job again.

  7. I was interviewing this guy but then we were cut off. I tried to call him again but he's not picking up. I sent him a text message the next day asking him if he's still interested. He replied, "Oh! U'r fr HTMT! Our interview was cut yesterday. & when u called me again, i didnt g0t d chance 2 answer c0z im traveling.."

  8. "Ms. I just want 2 ask about the words u've told me, if its ok w u, am i going to hear a cal frm you again or am i going 2 ur company nxt." He sent me this tear-jerking message right after I told him that he needs to work on some areas before I can endorse him for the 2nd interview.

  9. "This ________,i just wnt to knw for what call cnter are you from?"

  10. "Im sorry if i was not really good at answering your questions but i really appreciate you have called..." Talk about transliterating.

  11. "Gud pm Mam Ellaine dis is Jeremiah Santos. Mam sori if advice u 4 not reporting 4 my 2nd interview 2day at your office. D reason i hvnt report 2day bcoz i jst got home and read ur txt and my couzin has got into labor lst nyt and gave birth 2 a baby boy. I hve come 2 her aid coz she in custody whyl her husband in aboard. Hope u understand and give me another chance 4 my 2nd interview by 2m. Coz im stil very interested in that position. Thank you very much." Aaahhh me sleeping on the job caught the third time!

  12. I was trying to conduct a phone interview with this lady, but i can hear her daughter going ballistic in the background so I told her I'll just call her the next day. She sent me a text saying: "Sori ma'm i can't understand u'r call l8ly, it is because of my daughter..if u would gve me a chance,i can go 2m for an interview..Thnx 4 undrstandng!"

  13. And this is the bestseller, all my friends and family members can't seem to get over this text: "Hi dis s _______! I'm rily rily sory! I was not able 2 atend my appointment 2 u n myt not b ds coming days dis wik bcoz my tempry tit kip falling all d tym. Dis Fri. wil b my lst sesion w d dent. nd he'l b plcing my tit permntly after my rut cana. Sory n many tnx! Hope I cud stil merit and intrvw w/u nxt wik!" So, what do you say?
I don't know if it's just the text language. I don't mind if words are misspelled or shortened as long as it's still said/written correctly. Remember, call center recruiters look first at how well you speak in English. If they see you can't write, they will assume you can't speak either. I hope we all learned a lesson here--if we are to text our future employers, let's make it professional. It wouldn't hurt us if we do.