Friday, March 30, 2007

First Day of Summer

My cousin, John, who is now based and working in Singapore went home to visit us (and to attend his friend's wedding) last March 10-12. We decided to take advantage of the weekend that he's here and planned an overnight trip to nearest beach-- Laiya, Batangas. And so my summer began.

I barely had time to sleep before we left off for the three-hour drive. I got home from work at about 4am. Well, I didn't work that late. I didn't ask my dad to pick me up that night so he can have a good night's rest for the next day's drive, thus I had the opportunity to join my officemates' Friday "drinkies" at Somethin' Fishy. I finished a glass of strawberry margarita, which was quite stronger than usual (or maybe I am not used to alcohol anymore) but nevertheless, I got home feeling really sleepy but instead of hitting the sack, I had to pack! Good thing I still had the sense to realize that I haven't prepared any of the stuff I have to bring for an overnight at the beach. I slept for only an hour (which felt like 5 minutes) and then we had to hit the road.

It was quite a fun drive because I was sitting in the car right next to my adorable nephew, Popi.

He points at every body of water he sees--including the Pasig river/floodway--and exclaims, "Tubig! Miming!" (Water! Swimming!).

We finally arrived there at around lunch time and the only thing I did right after eating was the only thing I ever wanted to do that day, I slept. Hehe. I went for a swim that afternoon and watched my nephew play by the beach.

Oh and I also played a silly volleyball game with my cousins, brothers, and Kuya John's friends who tagged along with us.

No, you won't see me in that picture. I was the one who took that using my cousin's overpriced SLR camera.

Well, I slept and ate and slept the next day until we had to leave the place. My crazy family decided to drive to Tagaytay for dinner, and when we got home, I felt like I needed more sleep and rest than ever. It was a short-lived vacation but we were all happy that for at least two days, we didn't have to think of work. And most of all, the fact that the family's baby (Popi) enjoyed it so much made us all feel happy and content. It was his first time to go a beach and his excitement at seeing such a wonderful body of water made me excited too.

And so my summer has started and I can't wait for my next trip to the beach!