Friday, July 22, 2011

On A Serious Note

A few hours ago, I was annoyed to my core and could not help but burst into a controversial tweet and Facebook status. The reactions were pretty amusing and I eventually felt better after reading and replying to all the witty comments from friends. The best part? I think the person I was mysteriously referring to KNOWS that I am referring to no other person but HER. Entertaining, right?

Disclaimer: I am about to write something very vague. I don't think I'm supposed to write about this but for the sake of making myself feel better, I will ramble anyway.
I have always been misunderstood in one aspect of my life and opinion, and after what happened last year, I could no longer fight for any case regardless if I could die knowing I am right, even if that case was already my case even before last year's turmoil (and partly may have even caused the turmoil). Now that I have more valid and rational reasons to put this case forward (example: greener pasture), it's still ignored and I am more evidently misunderstood. Got it? I know you didn't. Haha.

Today, I think my dear one somehow forgot one of our rules or he may have deliberately done it to piss me off. He lost something valuable (wasn't my fault in any way) and I took most of the blow, which I don't really mind as it is my pleasure to comfort him. However, things from the past were brought up and I just felt completely depressed. Still, I felt it's not the time for me to bring it up and discuss as he still copes from his loss. Besides, he made me feel how I'm such a burden to him right now and I didn't really want to validate that. 

The tweets and facebook status: "The Strike 2"
I went on and replied to tweets that for me appear to be flirtatious. Take note: this is not the first time it happened, but this is the first time I reacted publicly and I made sure the person sees it. Can anyone blame me if I think the tweets are inappropriate for a girl who is in a relationship? What if it was me who send tweets like that to someone else? Can I pass it up as wholesome and brotherly? I don't think so. Well, she did not reply directly to my supposedly friendly tweet that simply show I am supporting my better half to encourage her. I guess she was smart enough to see the sarcasm. I know she realized I was referring to her in my Facebook status when she started acting innocent and tweeting about people being judgmental. How entertaining!

"The Strike 1"
Several months ago (shortly after I arrived from Bali), my fiance tagged me along to a party. When this girl in question arrived, she greeted my man, he greeted back and she demanded that he kisses her too instead of giving her a plain and simple hi. My man was caught in a rather awkward moment knowing I heard and saw everything and simply told her that I was there (in embarrassment). He knows me so well that this is not the kind of thing that is acceptable in our relationship. We established already that it was him who allowed people to treat him like that and have agreed to do otherwise. I have nothing against the girl, but the question still remains--if she is really like that why not ask everyone else in the room to kiss her? What if I wasn't there, would he have given her the kiss she was asking for, regardless if it was a "friendly" one on the cheek? Would she ask my guy to kiss her if her boyfriend was standing right next to her? How would she feel if another girl asks the same thing from her boyfriend?

On A Serious Note
My rage aside, and even if there is no history of jealousy and cheating involved, I think it's a matter of respect which this silly girl doesn't seem to have. It's hidden in innocent tweets and church-going facade but she doesn't know how to act appropriately as a person who is in a relationship. Even if there is truly nothing going on, there should be a certain level of distance. I do not ask my best guy friend (a close friend of mine since high school) to kiss me in place of a simple hi. Any person who religiously attends church should know that. I am not coming clean but having done both the right and the wrong, and taking responsibility as well as the consequences for my actions, I reckon I am in a very good position to recognize it and stop it at its onset. I expect more from this educated person and I am truly disappointed. Is it really hard to respect other people?

I feel somehow better now because I know that the case I have been fighting for since time immemorial (even back before our first breakup in 2009 happened) have a solid grounding. No amount of invalidation can discourage me now, at least in that aspect. The only difference is I get more assurance now that I am the only one but I also always get reminded for getting derailed for a while. I feel pathetic at times, but I figured love sucks like that. I am just really scared that there might come a day when I would grow tired and simply stop fighting or caring. I am not very difficult to love, but because I give a high regard to myself and value things that most people don't, it can be quite challenging to keep up.

I have to admit that my Facebook status was a little harsh, but I enjoyed the reaction I gained afterwards. After all, that's freedom of speech, right? If she has the right to bluntly flirt with my man then I am free to bash. I could be a witch with a capital B when I want to, and I mean it.

Who is wrong in this sticky situation? My man, the little miss, or me? Your opinion is welcome.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dance Trip to Singapura

We found out about a seat sale online, our friends are convincing us to fly to attend classes and the next thing we know, we booked a flight to Singapore in three weeks' time! That was a very short notice for us who like to plan our trips well but we figured we just have to do it now or never.

The flight was pretty smooth and fun, I experienced the most comfortable descent ever. It was raining  when we landed at Changi International Airport. We will stay at a friend's house for the rest of the days but we booked our first night in a cheap backpackers hostel where we shared a room with 8 other people, 4 of which were white European men (who were probably our age). It was a shock when we found them shirtless when we went back to our room that evening. I did not like any part of that stay, but we were on a tight budget and would rather spend on a dance class. Like I always say, it's another story to tell! It was a relief to finally move to my friend's house at Marymount.

July 1, Friday
We explored Marina Bay during the day before we attended our first dance class at Recognize Studios in the evening. I took Reggae and Vogueing, thus giving me several bruises on my knee and elbows after my FIRST dance class. Gosh. We also took a bus back to Marymount only to realize we got off on the wrong stop that we had to take a taxi cab! The bus was impressive, we can use our "MRT cards" to pay for the fare.

July 2, Saturday
Universal Studios! I enjoyed the shows. I am not of fan of rides that make me feel as if I left my soul somewhere up in the air so I was only able to really appreciate the ones that put the movies to life. My favorite attraction was Waterworld, being a fan of this movie since I was a little kid. Perhaps I would enjoy it even more if I was with my fiance or my family.

July 3, Sunday
We attended our first Brian Puspos class at DanzPeople. After the class, I met up with my fiance and I's best friend who has been working in SG for a year already. They took me around Orchard Road, which was probably a bad idea because of the crowd--it was Sunday and payday so everyone was out spending their money! I enjoyed sitting down with them though and catching up as well reminiscing our stories. Nothing beats seeing a good friend that I haven't seen in a while. I met up with my friends again and we had a very late dinner at Newton Circus with our newfound friend/dance teacher Brian.

July 4, Monday
Watched the Transformers movie in the afternoon then headed to the studio again to accompany my friend Apple as she takes another BP class.

July 5, Tuesday
Went to Bugis for shopping! Well I did not really shop as I was saving my money for classes. I just bought a few strands of blonde hair extensions for only $1 each. All of us attended another BP class--it was frustrating as his style is so different from mine but I was very challenged at the same time. We headed to Recognize after class to watch the class of Mike Silas (Lady Gaga's choreographer). We arrived in time to catch his very inspiring talk--I was in tears when I left the studio. Never have I been so sure that I am in the right industry, doing what I love.

July 6, Wednesday
Our last full day in Singapore. Attended the Jazz Funk class (finally, something I can do very well!) with Mazlan. Also, we were so blessed to have been allowed to join the BP class that night even if the class was full already. My friends and I ended the night with Jack Daniels, Tiger and some Bacardi!

I didn't want the trip to end but my resources are already at its lowest (READ: wallet seem to be on a diet). After the trip, I have never been inspired to teach and train at the same time. I felt good about myself because of this trip, knowing that I can still improve and that there are many opportunities ahead of me.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Singapore Trip Teaser

This entry is not the full account of my one week trip to Singapore. I simply want to write how overwhelmed and thankful I am to have gone to this trip (which we booked in a whim). We went here to attend dance classes that are not usually offered in the Philippines, as well as to catch a dance class or two from an international choreographer that my friends really like. The classes and the teachers I have met have all been inspiring.

I am reminded of why I love dancing and how much I love performing. Most importantly, my passion to teach and share my talent to other people was re-ignited. I have not been very confident so far about my skills in terms of choreography and execution. After this trip, I am humbled, more inspired to increase my talent and to keep working harder. This is love.

With Izzy, Vogueing Class

With Brian Puspos