Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Singapore Trip Teaser

This entry is not the full account of my one week trip to Singapore. I simply want to write how overwhelmed and thankful I am to have gone to this trip (which we booked in a whim). We went here to attend dance classes that are not usually offered in the Philippines, as well as to catch a dance class or two from an international choreographer that my friends really like. The classes and the teachers I have met have all been inspiring.

I am reminded of why I love dancing and how much I love performing. Most importantly, my passion to teach and share my talent to other people was re-ignited. I have not been very confident so far about my skills in terms of choreography and execution. After this trip, I am humbled, more inspired to increase my talent and to keep working harder. This is love.

With Izzy, Vogueing Class

With Brian Puspos