Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cebu Trip Turned Food Trip

My first trip to Cebu was a total relaxation and a feast for my appetite! Our Cebuana friend, Marie, took us in her house-turned-dance-studio (Spotlight Dance Co Cebu) in Mandaue City where we did a 3-day workshop series during our stay. We arrived very early in the morning from a very early flight (4am) so despite our hunger, we slept as soon as arrived at the house, but that day's lunch was the beginning of an almost week-long food adventure! Warning: I am about to post photos of food. Make sure you are not famished otherwise you might smack at your monitors... 

Day 1
We had lunch at Harbour City where there's really affordable but very delicious dim sum.

The desert I had was equally delicious considering it only costs around Php50! Choco bavarian creme for the win!

We spent the rest of the day going around Ayala Mall and exploring Magellan's Cross before our dance classes that evening. We had our late lunch at Chowabunga in Cebu IT Park, where they serve rice wrapped in scrambled egg. It was yummy!

The highlight of the day! Desert! Always my favorite part of the meal, we had our first warm brownie cup from La Marea for desert and we felt like we were in heaven.

Day 2
We cooked breakfast that consisted of spam, eggs, tuna and corn--a great way to start another long day.

Our second day in Cebu was reserved for a fishing trip, but before heading to the marina, we stopped over a store by the street to grab some halo-halo! This is one of the best I've tasted my whole life, as it was packed with fresh fruits (including avocado).

We ate the fish we caught for lunch, but before it became the bangus sisig, it looked like this. Nice catch, right?

We had dinner at Abuhan Restaurant where they serve great pochero (Cebuano's version of nilagang baka). Desert was epic, as it was spent at East West where we had our dose of mango sushi crepe. If Jon went crazy about the warm brownie cup, I went crazy for this. I could eat a whole plate on my own!

Day 3
We woke up just in time to watch Captain America showing at 1pm. Thus, we had a very late lunch at Sunburst, a place that's very popular for their chicken and crispy chicken skin.

It was the last day of workshops so we hung at the studio a little longer with the students, and we realized that if we have dinner first, La Marea will close before we get there (it closes at 11pm). We therefore decided to go to the shop before having dinner. Yup, desert came first!

After that, we headed to Larshian for the real dinner. 

Day 4
Beach bound! It's the weekend, and we headed north to San Remigio beach where our friend has a beach house. The halo-halo store was on the way so we had our usual stop over.

Our Cebu trip will not be complete without it, so guess what we had for lunch and dinner by the beach: lechon! Stuffed myself silly and slept all afternoon, woke up for dinner then had a massage. I wished I could like that everyday, but I wonder if I would still appreciate it. Hmm.

Day 5
Our last day on the beach, we woke up around 5am to go to this store in town that serves very good puto maya and pure hot cocoa.

After overdosing ourselves with cholesterol from the lechon, grilled fish and squid were served for lunch!

Everyone else flew back home that night except me, my fiance and another friend of ours.

Day 6
Our last day in Cebu. Marie treated us to a goodbye lunch at Chika-an, where we had kare-kare, kalderetang kambing (I did not try it), Monggo soup, sizzling squid, ensaladang mangga and cucumber lemonade.

Of course we had both a warm brownie cup and mango sushi crepe for desert as it's our last hurrah to get it. The trip was fun, not only because of all the places we went to and the food we ate but because of the company and the new people we met during our dance workshops. We promised it's going to be an annual trip. On that note, and because I am writing this from the studio, I shall go ahead and grab breakfast from McDonald's!