Sunday, February 24, 2013

Jon + Ellaine Wedding Details: Shoes

I would always say that I would marry my husband all over again, but without having to go through the stress I went through planning it for the first time! Our wedding was not as perfect when I look back, there were things I wish I had done and some I wish I didn't, had my nervous self been beaten by my usual reasonable and objective mind. Still, our special day was perfect in its own way--and I guess all that matters is that our favorite people in the world enjoyed the event as much as we did. 

Which brings me to writing this first entry in a series of posts that I will write about how I planned our wedding. Hopefully, soon-to-be brides out there will find this interesting and helpful in their task of planning for their own special day. Let me begin with the tiny details.


My maid of honor, Ghezzi, is a shoe designer and pattern maker. Their family owns a shoe factory in Marikina, so she said she would make pairs for myself and the entire entourage as a gift. We started a shoe business last year, so we thought it's a good addition to our portfolio, too! 

Of course I was the only one who wore a pair of purple shoes. My maid of honor wore the same design, except that hers was brown.

The bridesmaids wore strappy sandals in the same shade of brown, but because I knew they would be walking around during the entire event their heels were a humble 2 inch. Their shoes also have a floral shoe clip.

My mother and my mother-in-law wore a similar design, but the heels were only an inch and theirs sported a feather shoe clip.

Our pretty little flower girls also wore sandals that are flats-version of my shoes.

My bridesmaids had their dresses made on their own--I simply gave them the design and color that I prefer and they took care of looking for their own dressmaker. These shoes served as my "thank you gift" to them. It came in brown boxes where I put stickers of our wedding details for a more personalized effect.

If you are a bride and want custom shoes for your entourage, message me and I'll give you my friend's contact number. 

That's about the details of the shoes that the ladies of my entourage wore during my special day.