Things to Do in Bali

Today marks my 12th day here in Bali, Indonesia. So far I have seen quite a lot of places (Kuta, Seminyak, Legian) but have not explored it thoroughly. I have noticed that there are loads of restaurants, shops, spas, beaches and temples that I have yet to visit and see more closely. I have seen the famous Kuta Beach sunset and it was indeed beautiful, although I'd say the sunsets in the Philippines are more breathtaking. It was a cloudy day when I saw it so I guess I'll have to see it again.

I made a mental checklist of things to do and it's about time I put them in writing. Some of these are within reach, some might need more guts (and money!) for me try out. This is also a good list of things to do for those visiting Bali soon.

  • Visit Kuta Square again and make sure to buy stuff from my favorite surf clothing brands! Prices are 30 to 50% lower than back home.
  • Watch another sunset in Kuta Beach, cocktail and camera ready with me.
  • Attend the Kuta Karnival 2010 and pig out at the food festival area.
  • Go to Padang-Padang Beach where the bigger waves, hot surfers and white beaches are.
  • Ride a motorcycle going to Ubud, where there are still plenty of rice terraces.
  • Improve on the 26 bikram yoga postures I am practicing.
  • Visit at least one of the nine directional Hindu temples, perhaps the Uluwatu Temple, which is about 45 minutes taxi ride away from my villa.
  • Take surfing lessons.
  • Get a Balinese massage from any of the fancy salons.
  • Drive a car! It's right-hand wheel drive here, so that should be challenging.
  • Buy coffee from Starbucks AND Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. I wonder if it will taste differently.
  • Learn how to cook good nasi goreng, an Indonesian fried rice.
  • Walk from Seminyak Beach to Kuta Beach. I heard it's an hour's worth of walk and a lot of people have discouraged me from doing it, but I don’t practice yoga and dance for nothing.
  • Eat at a restaurant called Warung Murah. Cheap but good food made it popular among expats and tourists here.
  • Party at one of the hip dance clubs by the beach.
  • Attend a Hindu ceremony at the Pettitenget temple.
  • Watch a cultural show or cabaret show at one of the theaters.
These should keep me busy on days when I don't have dance or yoga practice. I will keep adding things to this list, and I shall cross out those that I have done.