Saturday, July 28, 2007

Out of Place

When my friend, Jane messaged me last Wednesday that we are to perform at an event in Makati that same night, I didn't think twice anymore about going. I was in the office when she told me this and I had on a dorky top, flared khaki jeans and black flipflops. The event was a hip hop night so I knew I wasn't dressed for it. I asked my dad then to bring me loose/nice clothes (hehe).

I didn't bother to change before I left the office because I just wanted to get there real fast. I thought that I would have time to change when I get there.

However, it was way different when I arrived.

It was quite a small venue, and the place was packed with people who were definitely dressed for the occasion. (Dorky note: I was also clutching a huge paper bag and a leather purse on top of my dorky clothes--can you imagine a lost kid now?) None of my friends were picking up their phones--they must've left it in the dressing room already or something. In short, I had to parade my under dressed self through the whole floor and the hip hop crowd before I finally found familiar faces. I was right on time to catch the AllStars perform their piece for the World Hip Hop Championship '07. It was awesome. I didn't know they'll be there too.

Being under-dressed and perhaps out of place didn't stop me from having a fine time with my friends.

With my group Stylettos

With Maui of Cross Effects

With Dianne and Kuya Froilan--ay!--Jhong of AllStars

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A Bridesmaid the 2nd Time Around

I have recently blogged about one of my friend's wedding held last December. It was my first time to be a bridesmaid then and I am happy to say that I have been a bridesmaid again at my cousin's wedding last month.

I am the same age as her, and we literally grew up together. We are more like sisters to each other since we both have two stinky younger brothers. We are also the first grandkids from my mom's side (well, she was born three weeks earlier than I was).

It was also very nice to see the whole family gather in one place. I used to go into a state of panic whenever my parents announce that we are going to our grandparent's house that coming weekend. I know I will be seeing my cousins there and we can run around as much as we want, climb all the trees that we possibly could, and pick all sorts of fruits that we can reach. And so I wake up way too early on days that we are supposed to leave for the province, making absolutely sure that I wouldn't be left home alone. Things have changed as I grew up, my weekends are now filled with dance rehearsals, business meetings and night outs so I rarely go with my parents now when they visit, except maybe during Christmas!

I believe more than ever now that we are already grown ups, with responsibilities and jobs and real relationships. A fact that I so tried to run away from for quite some time now. As I see my grandma wipe tears of joy from her eyes while my cousin walked down the aisle I can't help but be moved by it as well and again look forward to the day that I would walk that walk too. I was even more stirred up when my grandpa asked me when I plan to get married. I just smiled at him and asked him to just stay alive so he can see me walk down the aisle too.

I know that it is not my time to get married yet--I would be the bridesmaid of the year (and maybe next year's too) but I hang on to God's promise that he has not only planned a special wedding day for me but also a beautiful marriage and a loving family that's definitely worth waiting for.