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When My Left Lung Collapsed

I was filled with fear and worry when I read my chest x-ray result that says "collapsed left lung."

My husband and one of our company drivers (using our office van) rushed me to The Medical City. Well, we weren't really rushing. The EDSA traffic on a Monday rush hour slowed us down. I wasn't panting for air like you would probably imagine-- I was simply having difficulty breathing and my chest pain was bearable if I avoided moving and laughing. 
At the emergency room, I was assigned to a bed but it took about an hour and a half before someone finally attended to me. I was scheduled for another chest x-ray, and shortly after that everyone took interest in and paid attention to me. 
Apparently, I have pneumothorax or collapsed lung, as what we already know from my first x-ray at the clinic. In my case, it was my left lung. Doctors explained that although I was not in distress, it's a life-threatening condition because my heart may not be getting enough oxygen. My h…

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