Weekend Eats in Davao City

It was my first time to travel to Davao City, and like I always do when I visit a new place--I eat! After an early call time for an event (which is the reason why we came to Davao), the ACTS Academy team usually heads to the most popular food place where we can satisfy our tummies following a day's hard work.

We were treated to Ahfat Seafood Plaza where we indulged in Chinese cuisine. It was heavenly!

We arrived Friday via Francisco Bagoy International Airport, worked all day Saturday for our event at the Abreeza Mall, so we took Sunday to explore Davao City. We had lunch at Jack's Ridge where I feasted on a good serving of garlic shrimps and gambas. The view that we enjoyed from the restaurant was splendid, but the food was nothing extraordinary. Still, it was good enough to feed our almost always starving tummies.

Garlic Shrimps

Crispy Pata


We spent the rest of the day going around the city. We also went to the Crocodile Farm and found a great source of civet coffee. If you want to know how they make this coffee this is the place to be.

My trip to Davao was very quick and tiring, but I will surely come back and when I do, I'll put Samal Island on my list of places to visit.