Saturday, July 28, 2007

Out of Place

When my friend, Jane messaged me last Wednesday that we are to perform at an event in Makati that same night, I didn't think twice anymore about going. I was in the office when she told me this and I had on a dorky top, flared khaki jeans and black flipflops. The event was a hip hop night so I knew I wasn't dressed for it. I asked my dad then to bring me loose/nice clothes (hehe).

I didn't bother to change before I left the office because I just wanted to get there real fast. I thought that I would have time to change when I get there.

However, it was way different when I arrived.

It was quite a small venue, and the place was packed with people who were definitely dressed for the occasion. (Dorky note: I was also clutching a huge paper bag and a leather purse on top of my dorky clothes--can you imagine a lost kid now?) None of my friends were picking up their phones--they must've left it in the dressing room already or something. In short, I had to parade my under dressed self through the whole floor and the hip hop crowd before I finally found familiar faces. I was right on time to catch the AllStars perform their piece for the World Hip Hop Championship '07. It was awesome. I didn't know they'll be there too.

Being under-dressed and perhaps out of place didn't stop me from having a fine time with my friends.

With my group Stylettos

With Maui of Cross Effects

With Dianne and Kuya Froilan--ay!--Jhong of AllStars