Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Real Birthday Post

I am a year older and wiser, I hope. I had a great birthday--I would like to take this time to thank everyone who has made this year extraordinary.

My family

A great thanks to Mama who did most of the cooking and preparations for my birthday dinner, and to Papa who fried the lumpiang shanghai. Hehe. (Special thanks to myself too for grating the cheese for the spaghetti.) I am so grateful for my parents for taking good care of me and my brothers, always trying to give the best for us. It has been a different year, with my new job and one of my brothers living away to study. It felt as if I have spent more time with parents than before. I am also thankful for my brothers, who make my days funny despite smelling their stinky shirts.

Jon and I

A very special thanks to a very special person--Jon, who bought me a pair of Nike Jordan rubber shoes. Hehe. Seriously, he was with me during the toughest days and is loving me with no questions and despite my sometimes haughty nature.

MIST High School Friends


And where would I be without my friends? The ACTS Team, Stylettos and my high school friends. They shared my laughter, tears and even farts. My officemates also shared some of those, and I am happy to know they can be part of my family.

I can't wait to spend another year with these wonderful people that God has given more. I couldn't ask for more.