Monday, December 10, 2007

Back to Virtual Reality

I haven't been online recently because we lost our internet connection at home. We were subscribed to Digitel's DSL since June 2005 and after a mixture of bad service and overcharging, we decided to opt out. We then bought Globeline's Broadband wireless internet and phone package but it was an even worse nightmare than Digitel.

A few days after we submitted the application, a crew of testers came to our house to test if it really works and since it's wireless, to make sure that there is a signal/network that the wireless modem can connect to. Needless to say, we were impressed at how fast the internet connection was, we were even able to download a song via Limewire. And so they promised to have the router and the wireless phone delivered in a couple of days. Those couple of days turned into a week or two, and when it finally arrived, the delivery man just left it and said he doesn't know anything about installing it: "Taga-deliver lang po ako." (I am just the delivery man.) I called the customer service but all they could say is that everything is in the manual, and that the internet will be activated in 24hours. To our dismay, my dad and I tried to figure it out ourselves--the modem was to be plugged to the PC's USB port, and we had to install the software/driver that comes with it. We complained about a hundred times because of the very slow internet connection. Well, it was barely a connection--we can't even access the basic google page!

After weeks of hounding the Globe's customer service hotline (who just kept promising that they will escalate the problem), my dad finally went to the Globe office in Blue Wave Marikina to return all the stuff and guess what--they did not accept it! They promised, however, that they will send someone to check and fix the problem. Someone did arrive to check but it was never fixed, until our first bill came! I was annoyed because they are charging us without making sure they are giving us the service we deserve. I called the customer service hotline (again!) that day and he finally admitted that our modem barely receives any signal at all that's why we have a very poor internet connection. It was alarming because it was the opposite during the test run, and the agent said that they used a different modem to test. And then that was it. I told them I won't pay for something I didn't use and to cancel my account. The agent even told me to just go to the Blue Wave office and return the phone and the modem! I told them I won't because they have caused us so much trouble already, and that if they want it back they should get it. Nobody ever came to get it, and we received our 3rd bill this week. It's horrible! I was and still am utterly disappointed.

Last weekend, I went to a Smart Wireless Center and applied for a SmartBro. I received a call the same day I applied (which was a Sunday) and confirmed that they will visit our house on Tuesday to test. I was a bit skeptical about this--I asked them if there's a possibility that what happened to Globe will happen again--they said it won't. What they tested was the same thing they installed on that same day, and they didn't leave until it worked perfectly fine. A day later, someone called to check if the engineers came over to install the internet and if it works. I should say that I am impressed--they never left us hanging and made sure they did what they promised. I hope they will be able to sustain this. Kudos to Smart!

So I am back to virtual reality and will be able to blog more often!