Thursday, January 03, 2008

Third Time Bridesmaid

My bestfriend from grade school got married last December 5, 2007. The ceremony was held at the Our Lady of the Abandoned Parish in Marikina City, right beside Marikina Catholic School where we all met, and where their love story began. Xyrus and Camille started out as childhood sweethearts. All three of us were classmates when we were in 6th grade, when they started calling each other "honey" or whatever pet name that I can't remember. What I remember instead are the code names that Camille and I used to talk about boys! They've had their ups and downs but still end up together. (Hmmm... I'm inspired!)

I was a bridesmaid again--for the third time now. It was fun to wear another pretty dress and most especially to walk down the aisle! Have a look at some of the photos here. It was a simple yet very intimate gathering. And we loved the vintage bridal car.

Who's next?