Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Facebook Addiction

I've had a Facebook account for a while now, but I never really paid attention to it until quite recently. I was and still am overwhelmed with the number of Notifications/Requests I have received from a handful of friends that I have on Facebook. Last week I had over a hundred, and I am proud to say that it's down to 56 today. Thus, I have added loads of applications to my profile and accomplished a dozen other quizzes and tests. I found it annoying at first, having to respond to all those requests but it has recently become therapeutic and relaxing for me. It's fun to do no-brainer quizzes every once in a while--especially during my lunch break here at the office. Hehe. And speaking of which, my lunch hour is almost over and I am off to work again now. =D Here's a screenshot of an application/quiz I added to my profile yesterday: