Sunday, June 12, 2011


I should be writing 3 overdue articles for one of my clients, but here I am tapping my keyboard away to write a blog entry. But hey, it's Sunday evening so I guess I deserve a little bit of break to write about the beach!

Yup! Last month, I spent 3 days and 3 nights in Boracay Island. It was my fiance and I's first time to go there, and the flight we took was hours earlier than the rest of the gang we are spending the holiday with. It was quite an adventure to get there, as we did not know exactly how plus we relied solely on the advice of several friends. I was hesitant at first to take a Zest Air flight, but I was generally comfortable and satisfied throughout our short flight from Manila to Kalibo. The 2-hour shuttle ride from Kalibo International Airport to Caticlan Jetty Port was rather boring and could've been more exciting had I taken it with people I know. When we finally arrived at the Boracay Island, we still had to take a tricycle to the beach and we were surprised at how expensive the fares are! 

My fiance and I spent the whole afternoon by the beach with our bags still with us, as the owner of the house we were going to stay at took a later flight. It was a lovely feeling to watch the sunset again after having done it almost everyday for over two months when I lived in Bali last yeat. It is even more wonderful that I got to watch it with my love. I watched two more sunsets in Boracay during my stay there, and all were breathtaking. I was also able to put my expertise in beach photography into use. The long walks from Station 2 to 3 was quite enjoyable too, at least for someone like me who likes walking. :)

Burst of Sun

We went island hopping, food tripping, happy hour (at 2pm!), snorkeling (which I did not enjoy because of the huge waves), and sun bathing--I couldn't help but wish to live like that everyday! Our trip was concluded during our last night in the island, when we were invited to someone's beach party with free flowing cocktails. The highlight of the night? I jammed with a reggae band (after a little persuasion from drunk friends) and danced with Jon at the beach under the moonlight.

I must say that we fell in love with Boracay because of its beauty. I would definitely go back next year.