Tuesday, May 22, 2007

When I Grow Up, I Want To Be A Doctor!

I have been neglecting sleep for the past few days because I am very busy not only with work and dancing, but also with watching Grey's Anatomy.

I started to be interested in this series about a month ago when I noticed that my mom gets so engrossed every time she watches it from a cable channel and she even patiently waits for the next episode the following week. I began watching it with her whenever I am at home, but because of my irregular schedule I barely watched two consecutive episodes. Everyone knows how I get squeamish at the sight of blood and wounds and medicines (*faint) but I seem to have gotten a bit used to it by now. Thus, when I had the chance to buy the whole 1st and 2nd season, I grabbed it right away.

Thus the eye bags and an overwhelming crush for McDreamy.

This series brought back all my mushy childhood feelings of dreaming and wanting to be doctor. I remember that I was considering it when I was in college and after dissecting those real brains (sorry to be morbid), I though that perhaps I would be a brain surgeon if I am to pursue medicine. But no med school for me after college. I took AB Psychology which is not a pre-med so it would probably take me another year to take all the science labs I missed. No, I did not want to spend the next 7-10 years of my life studying and working 16hour shifts like what the interns do at the series.

And on that note, I should go back to watching now if I want to catch up with the current season. I just realized, Grey's Anatomy is the only series I got hooked into after Meteor Garden.