Sunday, December 30, 2012

Weekend Eats in Davao City

It was my first time to travel to Davao City, and like I always do when I visit a new place--I eat! After an early call time for an event (which is the reason why we came to Davao), the ACTS Academy team usually heads to the most popular food place where we can satisfy our tummies following a day's hard work.

We were treated to Ahfat Seafood Plaza where we indulged in Chinese cuisine. It was heavenly!

We arrived Friday via Francisco Bagoy International Airport, worked all day Saturday for our event at the Abreeza Mall, so we took Sunday to explore Davao City. We had lunch at Jack's Ridge where I feasted on a good serving of garlic shrimps and gambas. The view that we enjoyed from the restaurant was splendid, but the food was nothing extraordinary. Still, it was good enough to feed our almost always starving tummies.

Garlic Shrimps

Crispy Pata


We spent the rest of the day going around the city. We also went to the Crocodile Farm and found a great source of civet coffee. If you want to know how they make this coffee this is the place to be.

My trip to Davao was very quick and tiring, but I will surely come back and when I do, I'll put Samal Island on my list of places to visit. 

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Let's Go For A Ride: Engagement Photos

Today I celebrate my first week of married life. The past few months were eventful--I am excited to share but barely have time to write, so I thought I'd start with sharing these engagement photos that we shot last June.

We had fun planning the shoot--from picking out the best location, getting the concepts laid out, booking a make up artist and photographer, and shopping for our wardrobe. Our first choice in terms of location was at my grandparents' place in Norzagaray, Bulacan, but an out of town shoot was no longer an option given the limited time we have at the time. We did not plan the shoot to happen in June--we wanted it to happen around August or September, but when we saw our work calendar after summer we realized we will no longer have our weekends to ourselves once July starts so we whipped up a plan to shoot right away. I am thankful for these beautiful photos!

A bunch of thanks to:
CamZar Photography (Husband & wife tandem Camille Hirao-Suguitan & Blizzard Suguitan)
Anjie Gogna for my Hair and Makeup
Zaki Shoes for my pretty flats
And our super CREATIVE friends who helped in the shoot: Kelvin Co (for the storyboard), Guan Boknoy (for your bike), Neil Claves, Karla Torricer, and Leo DiƱo. ♥
Location: Marikina Riverbanks

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Boracay Trip 2012

Got to visit Boracay for my after-summer getaway this year, and once again I fell in love with this beautiful island. Unlike last year when I went during the summer, this year I went in June, and the rainy season already started. It was windy majority of the time that we were there, but it still couldn't hide the breathtaking beauty of the white beach. Locals have also built windbreakers/fences to protect the shops by the beach from harsh winds, waves and rain, which blocks the view if we hang out at one of the establishments. The only way to really enjoy the scenery is to walk past the fences and lie down on the sand (if you are up to going out on a bikini amidst strong winds--which we were!).

We hung out at Starbucks Boracay, where I took this photo of the trees being swayed strongly by the wind. 

A sunny morning welcomed us on our second day on the island, and we took advantage of the calm right away. Here is a photo I took of Willie's Rock, showing just how serene the waters are.

Our fun in the morning sun was short lived, as minutes later, strong winds came back and brought these heavy clouds! Glad to have taken this photo, which is a far cry from the usual sunset shots that I love taking.

Of course, a vacation wouldn't be complete without some drinks--as pictured here, we took advantage of Happy Hours at every bar possible. This is a Mojito from Epic. 

And we watched some foreign tourists enjoy their Bacardi waterfalls and get drunk later on at the Juice Bar.

Here is a video I created to document this trip.

Boracay Trip 2012 from Ellaine Cruz on Vimeo.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Engagement Shoot Sneak Peek

We have less than five months to go before our wedding! Check out the sneak peek of our engagement shoot held last June 24th. We are so excited for the biggest ride of our lives!

Featured here is my fiance's fixed gear bike, and the ballet flats I designed for Zaki Shoes.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Food Adventures

Following my previous post about eating and being merry, here is the second installment about my food adventures. Once again may I remind you to stop reading this blog entry now if you are feeling very hungry, or you might find yourself wanting to eat your screen--err--the food on your screen. Enjoy!

This is the Original Hawaiian BBQ Baby Back Ribs from Hawaiian BBQ restaurant in Tagaytay. I once tasted this dish back in Boracay, and I was very glad to find out they already have a branch nearby. This is good for two. 

I was surprised to find affordable yet really good food in a restaurant with a very cozy ambiance located in SM Megamall. This Fried Rice with Chicken Satay from Secret Recipe reminded me so well of Indonesian food.

Whenever I visit North Park, I always order the usual Nanking Beef in Noodle Soup. I wanted something new one time so I ordered this Double Pork Rib in Noodle Soup for one of our late dinners. 

Enjoyed this really delicious desert from Amici (also in SM Megamall). Make sure you order the Mango Sansrival the next time you are there!

Even my nephew Jared enjoyed this Pesto De Aglio Pizza from Amici. It seems to be a healthy choice as well!

I am a pizza lover, and this Funghi Trifolati Rossa from Cibo in Eastwood Mall is also a must try. I think it's too pricey though!

The last one for this installment, is my recent favorite--the BBQ Riblets from Momo Cafe in Eastwood. It is just right for my taste and tummy, at a reasonable price! 

Friday, June 08, 2012

Marikina Kingpin: The Asiong Salonga Theme Party

A dear friend of mine from high school celebrated her birthday with a twist. About a month in advance, she notified us that the theme of the party would be based on the recent movie, "Asiong Salonga: The Manila Kingpin Story" and those who are not in costume will not have access to the VIP area. (Yup, there was a VIP area, right at the rooftop of her house while everyone else enjoyed dinner downstairs). I wasn't really cooperative, but the men made great efforts to dress up, much to our surprise and joy!

Old money, dice, toy guns and old school cigarettes.

Marikina-made retro shoes.

The boys! "Protektado kami ni Asiong!"

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Yep, We Got A Mean Walk

Here's another video from my group The Stylettos during one of our rehearsals. This time, we dance to Mean Walk by Mrs Daja and Nicki Minaj! Choreography by Dianne Sulit and Kheng Francisco. Taken at the ACTS Dance and Arts Academy.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hunt for the Best Tea Shop in Manila

I drink tea (ex: iced tea) and a few other types, but I'm no fan of milk teas. However, as this seems to be the latest craze in the city (and with all the tea shops sprawling here and there), my fiance and I can't help but be curious and therefore have tried a few of these shops. Like I said, I don't like milk tea at all so my dear would always order milk tea, and I would try out all the other drinks that do not have MILK and TEA together on its name. Here's our adventure!

This is one of my favorites! The Mongolian Choco Rock Salt and Cheese with Pearl from Caprice! Back when they weren't offering this, I would always order Wintermelon Fruit Tea, the perfect drink to bring inside the cinemas. The store is conveniently located at the Eastwood Citywalk cinema so I would always grab a drink before we head to watch a movie.

Our latest discovery in Marikina City: Zentea. Conveniently located within walking distance of my fiance's house, we can simply go there to satisfy our cravings. The store is quite small but cozy and is always packed with youngsters who cannot afford Starbucks anymore. I ordered a safe wintermelon tea drink, as pictured here. 

Here's my most favorite drink from my favorite tea shop! The Cocoa Rock Salt and Cheese from Happy Lemon. The store in Eastwood Mall is always packed, and I would always have to stand in line along with noisy (but entertaining) teenagers during weekends. 


Even my nephew loves the Lemon Peppermint Tea! 

Then there's the Moonleaf Tea Shop in Marikina, which is a jeepney ride away from my fiance's house. We would go here before we discovered Zentea, but I think their Wintermelon Black Tea is too strong for me. Last time I had one, it was so hard for me to sleep that night! The store is student-friendly, since it is located in front of a school (OLOPSC). Proof that students hang out in this shop often can be found on their vandalized tables.

I must say that Serenitea serves my favorite Wintermelon Tea. They also have a store in Eastwood where I usually hangout, so I go there when I am not in the mood for Happy Lemon (like when Happy Lemon weren't serving my favorite drinks because they ran out of water). 

While I'm happy that I can have Starbucks, Coffee Bean and Red Mango all to myself because all the people are flocking to these tea shops, I must say that I hope they are not a fad and would stay in business for a long time. The affordable drinks make it easier for pinoys to know that there are other beverages aside from Coke and coffee. Hope to try our more tea shops soon! I haven't gone to Chatime, Sharetea or Bubble Tea but I will one of these days!