Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Boracay Trip 2012

Got to visit Boracay for my after-summer getaway this year, and once again I fell in love with this beautiful island. Unlike last year when I went during the summer, this year I went in June, and the rainy season already started. It was windy majority of the time that we were there, but it still couldn't hide the breathtaking beauty of the white beach. Locals have also built windbreakers/fences to protect the shops by the beach from harsh winds, waves and rain, which blocks the view if we hang out at one of the establishments. The only way to really enjoy the scenery is to walk past the fences and lie down on the sand (if you are up to going out on a bikini amidst strong winds--which we were!).

We hung out at Starbucks Boracay, where I took this photo of the trees being swayed strongly by the wind. 

A sunny morning welcomed us on our second day on the island, and we took advantage of the calm right away. Here is a photo I took of Willie's Rock, showing just how serene the waters are.

Our fun in the morning sun was short lived, as minutes later, strong winds came back and brought these heavy clouds! Glad to have taken this photo, which is a far cry from the usual sunset shots that I love taking.

Of course, a vacation wouldn't be complete without some drinks--as pictured here, we took advantage of Happy Hours at every bar possible. This is a Mojito from Epic. 

And we watched some foreign tourists enjoy their Bacardi waterfalls and get drunk later on at the Juice Bar.

Here is a video I created to document this trip.

Boracay Trip 2012 from Ellaine Cruz on Vimeo.