Two Years with LCrew

I said goodbye to LiveCrew on September 2, 2006. And so did Dianne, Jane, and Dan. It was an emotional evening for all of us. But of course, we all understand that goodbyes is part of life, and though I left the crew it doesn't mean that our friendship ended there. I felt peace afterwards, knowing that each and every one of us will walk out of the studio with our hearts full of peace and love. LiveCrew has been my family. I remember how me and Dianne, in our efforts to save money, would walk along EDSA (from Libertad to Shaw) at almost midnight to go to the terminals instead of taking a tricycle. We were two jobless people then. Haha. I shiver remembering all the feeling of being part of it. I know God has huge plan for LiveCrew. Two years ago, we all promised each other that we will soar together--and I know that we are still going to even if I am no longer part of the group. I still bear the name of LiveCrew--or LCrew--and whatever success the group enjoys in the future, I will consider it as my reward for having walked those late nights in EDSA.

My two years with the crew was one of the best in my life. Let me share it with you.

LCrew's first ever photo shoot. Taken during the times when we say, "You have to be in the group to know what "L" in Lcrew stands for." It really didn't stand for anything. We only gave a meaning to it after a year.

Dance Idol 2005 Champs!

At the Ayala New Year Countdown 2005.

Our hiking trip to Taal! We walked for an hour to reach the mouth of the volcano.

Brent International School in Laguna is a memorable place to us. We went there to minister to children. It's also where we performed our Dance Idol 2005 routine perfectly-for the first time.

Taken at our tent in Eastwood City where we danced for Wave 89.1 's concert. This was the night where we shared a dressing room with the big stars. Hehe. And yeah, I was so starstruck as always.

Our EK gimmick!

Our UAAP stint with Adamson University. I got to dance at Araneta Coliseum!

Our second photo shoot held at Wee's house. There were other photo shoots that came after this one, but I missed them all. Waah!