Wedding at Dawn

Last December 16, 2006, my friends, Jane and Vincent got married. The event was held at the coconut palace, at 7am. It was the first time that I attended a wedding of a friend--someone who is really close to me. I've known Jane since college. We were in the same dance group and she was the one who first invited me to attend the youth service at Victory. Our friendship grew even outside the dance group and as my faith strengthened, our relationship was deepened as well. We even started our own company, ACTS, together with our other friends. She is the first one in our peer to get married so the event was really exciting for all of us. It was also my first time to be a bridesmaid. As the couple exchanged vows, I couldn't help but cry--I was deeply moved by the event. I'm sure my friends Dianne and Janina (who were also Bridesmaids) were just as affected as I was. It shows in this stolen shot--

Since all of the bridesmaids and groomsmen are dancers, we prepared a dance number with the newlyweds in place of the couple's traditional first dance. And no, it's not a ballroom-type of dance! We moved to the tune of Boogie Wonderland, OST of the movie HappyFeet. I don't even remember doing the steps well--I just remember I was laughing too hard.

The wedding was quite simple and intimate. There was nothing fancy at all. What made the experience magnificent is that the wedding was carefully planned by the couple, and that they really made it personal. It wasn't planned to show off but to bless people by their love. I've seen this couple right from the very start of their relationship and it is truly a testimony of how God works in our lives and how He writes our own love story.

Now I can't wait to blog about mine.