Drinks, anyone?

I was organizing the pictures saved in my computer and I can't help but notice these shots. I am with Marielle in these photos--both of us caught holding an alcoholic drink! Uh oh! (Marielley, please don't kill me for posting these!)

This was taken last May 2006 at White Beach, Puerto Galera. You guessed right, we're holding our shots of Mindoro Sling. Take two:

We rarely went out for a drink (except for coffee drinks) after that summer. We are not really party animals. So this next picture was taken sometime in November 2006, where we went to have some drinks in Makati for my cousin's despedida.

That's a glass of lemon margarita. I am NOT gonna say how many of those we gobbled down. This photo was taken the same night--

Lesson learned on that WEEKnight: never ever order an alcoholic drink when you're thirsty. Especially when you have to go to work the next day.

I am holding a really awful-tasting margarita that I ordered in a Family KTV in Tomas Morato. It was our company Christmas party, so I drank it anyway. And then I ordered a Vodka Cruiser afterwards.

I'd like to say though that we are not drunkards who drown ourselves with alcohol. We only allow ourselves to drink and be merry because we know we are not driving ourselves home and that we are with good company (cousin and/or sister). We may be self-proclaimed dorks but we do know how to have fun.

There's one dorky picture where we are holding a non-alcoholic drink--

Want some?


  1. There's more where those photos came from! Lemme send them to you so people will really believe we're not the homebodies/nerds we truly are. (wow, that statement just reinforces the fact. geez...)

  2. Oh my God, I am so tellin Sheila about this. Hehehe... I officially feel bad that u two never join us on our Friday drinkies. Boo!

  3. Marielle: Just send it over so I can post it here.

    Ant: Heyyyy I joined you once! Don't worry, I will be coming with you guys one of these days so I can BEAT yah. And we'll know who's gonna be the last consultant standing! Haha

  4. Looking forward to it, Llainey! ;)
    I love the coke shot by the way. Hehehe... :)


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