I did not go to work today. I am stranded inside our house because once again, Karangalan Village's streets are flooded with water. Due to the heavy rains that's been pouring nonstop since yesterday morning, it's now impossible for me to go out without getting soaked. Thanks to the internet and the television, I think I can entertain myself for a day. I am so glad this typhoon did not cause power outage, at least not in our town.

I am over-indulging myself with Friendster and Multiply profiles of people I know. I have also tried to do some work from home but I can only do so much without my work phone and Outlook. It's even more difficult to do that when I smell food cooking every couple of hours and knowing that my bed is just a few steps away.

This is fun, just bumming all day and doing no-brainer tasks. However, another day of lounging around like this and I am sure I would go mad! I certainly hope that the weather gets better and that the flood would subside so I can go back to my normal, geeky weekday.