Summertime... Is that you?

It has started to get really hot (I mean the weather) which makes me feel that it's already summer! I am really excited for this year's summer season, as my friends and I have cooked up something really big with the dance workshops that we will be organizing. (Find out more about the summer dance classes here: It's our 5th year now to do this and I can't help but be ecstatic yet nervous at the same time. I am going to teach three different street dance classes for kids at different venues which I am foreseeing will be a challenge in terms of schedule. I'll be in constant Busy Mode for the next couple of months. Exciting! =p

I do have a lot of things to look forward to this summer--new things to learn and relationships to build. God has given me a lot of open doors, favors and opportunities for me to grow, thus, my arms are wide open to embrace these.