I Want My Chicken Sausage!

I am at the Coffee Bean in Galleria right and I am very pissed off.

I came from my first street dance class in Megamall, and having eaten nothing for breakfast, I was starving. Not wanting to walk because I was carrying my clothes and laptop, I took a taxi from Megamall to Galleria to have lunch at the Bean, thinking of ordering my favorite Chicken Sausage Sandwich (in Foccacia bread with cheddar cheese and scrambled eggs).

I was disappointed when my favorite baristas told me that they have phased out the Chicken Sausage Sandwich, however, they offered an alternative. So I ordered Brek O' Day instead--it's sausages, bread and scrambled eggs. My order took a little longer than usual and I just thought that it must be something special for them to take so long to prepare, and considering it costs a whopping P229 compared to the P169 chicken sausage sandwich that I used to order.

When my order arrived, the eggs were cold already and they are not the same sausages that I love. But because I am so freaking hungry, and I went all the way here, I ate it anyway! I didn't want to throw a tantrum and complain to the baristas here because I understand it's not their fault that my favorite meal was phased out. And like I said, they are very nice people who I like seeing at this branch. Thus, I am ranting now (oh, I love freedom of speech LOL).

Don't get me wrong, I love CBTL, the baristas here are very friendly. Perhaps someone new was manning the kitchen when I ordered and she forgot to bring out the food? Argh. I can't help but feel robbed, considering I am pressed for time but I still went here and now I have to walk all the way back to Julia Vargas Avenue where I work. And I could've bought a small pizza from Yellow Cab with the money I have spent here.

I have finished eating and I am still hungry. And pissed off.