For the past weeks, I've had headaches more than I remembered ever having. I associated it to my lack of sleep, spending too much time in front of the computer, and reading even in not-so-bright light. Only last week when I noticed that my headaches became more frequent and my eyes blurring every time I shift my glance to something else that I realized that maybe I should have my eyes checked. But then my stubborn self waited for another week. I thought if perhaps I get enough rest that weekend the headaches would disappear. You see, I don't want to entertain the thought of needing to wear a pair of glasses again (I wore them in high school to correct my nearsightedness). However, the headaches occurred minutes after sitting down in front of a computer at work so last Friday, I finally had the will to have my eyes checked. I was diagnosed to have astigmatism on my right eye and nearsightedness on my left.

And now the more I cannot deny what a dork I am. What makes me feel better is when I remember that Lois Lane (or Kate Bosworth in real life haha) wore a nice pair of glasses that looked so damn good on her while she was writing about why the world needs Superman. So there's hope--though I may look more dorky now, maybe I look smarter!?! (Nobody argue about this or else...) Well I hope my eyes will be corrected soon so as to make the money I spent on this be worth it. I can't help thinking I could've bought the Narnia books with that money. Hehe. More stress for my eyes.