2008: An Eventful Year

The Year 2008 is over and as I recall everything that happened to me, I realized it's been quite eventful--dramatic, full of joy, thrilling, and heartbreaking.

I'd say... it was a year of struggles.

I had a very good summer which was filled with two dance concerts, one which I was a performer (Sync) and another one that I co-produced (Force). These events truly tested my faith and taught me to hold on to what I really love doing: dancing and teaching. It's making a difference in people's lives by sharing what I have and what I know.

When there are weddings, baby showers follow shortly. Thus, if I was the bridesmaid of the year last 2007, I was ninang of the year 2008. I gotta start hiding every Christmas season! Haha! Everyone seem to have given birth last year, or at least have started to grow bumps on their stomachs. I am a proud tita now anyway!

The major lesson I learned was that I have to obey God's instructions for me to receive his promises. 2008 started with a blast--I knew it was going to be a year of breakthroughs. However, by the middle of the year, I found myself struggling with a lot of things. I felt I am not receiving God's blessings fully and that I am not truly walking down the path He paved for me. I asked God so many times why I was unhappy and even felt guilty about feeling that way. I had a great job where I excel, great friends and a loving family. When the answer came, it struck me like lightning. I knew what I needed to do right from the very start but I kept denying it.

My hands were full and there was no more room for God's promises.

It was a tough time--I knew I had to quit my job but I was scared that it would make me financially unstable. I was so scared to get out of my comfort zone, but at the same time I knew I could do so many other things if I leave.

I resigned anyway and I have been a full time entrepreneur and freelance teacher since October. I miss my workmates but I know our relationships didn't end there anyway. And I miss the British accent sometimes. Haha.

It is definitely not easy, but I am beaming with joy each day knowing I am doing what I truly love to do. I am thrilled at what 2009 will bring--as I list down my faith goal for this year, my heart is pounding so loud, I could almost feel everything happening as I write them. =)


  1. I'll be with you in prayer for our 2009 breakthroughs. What a year 2008 has been indeed! Sweetie, just text me if you want me to pray with you during prayer and fasting. *hug*

  2. Good luck with your entrepreneurial endeavours! It's brave of you to leave your comfort zone indeed.

  3. aw. thanks marielley and wil! =D


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