Fly High in the Sky of Love

I always liked this song back in high school. Having stumbled upon this acoustic version on my iTunes playlist (I forgot I have this version!), all the mushy cheesy eeeewy feelings in me were stirred up. Teeeehee.

by: Lighthouse Family

When you're close to tears remember someday it'll all be over
One day we gonna get so high
Though it's darker than December what's ahead is a different color
One day we're gonna get so high

And at the end of the day remember the days when we were close to the edge
And we'll wonder how we made it through and at
At the end of the day remember the way we stayed so close to the edge
We'll remember it was me and you

Cause we are gonna be forever you and me
You'll always keep it flying high in the sky of love

Don't you think it's time you started doing what we always wanted
One day we're gonna get so high
Cause even the impossible is easy when we got each other
One day we're gonna get so high

After hearing the song, I wanted not only to be loved but to actually feel loved again. To feel the way I feel upon seeing my crush early in the morning at school. In fact, I want to FEEL again. I have been THINKING and THINKING and THINKING for the longest time and right now I just want to fly high in the sky of love. A few things of the past have somehow turned my heart into a cold, unfeeling, stony heart.

And it's about time I reawaken the cheesiness in me.

It's time I started doing what I always wanted. Fly high in the sky of... love. :'(