Unexpected Weekend + Monday

I had an unexpected weekend. =) Well, most of the events that happened over the past year of my life have been unexpected and, in my opinion, almost unbelievable anyway.

Friday. I was supposed to celebrate my officemate's birthday after work but I ended up having a spontaneous dinner and drinkies with my other officemate at Pasto in Eastwood. I also had the option to go to Baguio with my BFFs but I need to be home this weekend. We unexpectedly swung by Guweilo's to "watch UFC" or "meet some friends" who "didn't show up." Yeah I know you can't relate to that. Shrimp alfredo and four glasses of lemon margarita made this night complete.

Saturday. Bummed the whole day. Indulged myself in snooping over other people's live through their Facebook profiles. Also tried to do some work for ACTS but was slightly unsuccessful. Baby sat Zach which was the most fulfilling task of the day.

Sunday. Father's day. Almost crazy with loneliness and too much thinking, but looked forward to going to church and dinner with family. Zach enjoyed the outing so much that it was so hard to make him go to sleep that night. Funny but so lovable little man.

Monday. Unfortunately, it's another work day. Although it was not as hectic as I have predicted it to be, it was still a little too stressful for my current over-sensitive self. Spent half of the day feeling dizzy, hungry and frustrated. Watched a good movie, had some post-father's day bonding with my dad and I realized that the day did not turn out so bad after all.

This week is indeed another chance to start and make things right. I am so looking forward to the next weekend.