Sunsets in Bali

Pink and Orange

I love sunsets-- and here in Bali, I find it really stunning. It could be because there's no smog at all, allowing me to see the sky clearly. 

The sunsets I've watched over the last three months that I was here reminded me that a day, no matter how bad it was, can end so beautifully. All days wouldn't end like this all the time, as you can see in my pictures-- there were cloudy, rainy days too when I would walk back to my villa without taking a picture. Even the same sunset at the same place can look differently but it's good to know that the sky is capable of being breathtakingly beautiful when possible, and sometimes, just right when I need it to be. Made me think that anything in life can end beautifully, although it wouldn't all the time.

I'm on my last week in paradise and who knows when I will be back, but I will surely keep the memories of sunsets and Bintangs forever.

sunset in bali

Sunset at Ku De Ta