Eat and Be Merry

On days when I find myself unable to finish writing my articles for work, I usually become creative enough to write for my blog. Tonight, I find myself unable to do both. Still, I have a strong urge to add something to this blog, and so I would attempt to write anything from the top of my mind. Because my Happy Lemon craving wasn't satisfied tonight, I would write about food! 

I am one of the lucky ones who can eat a ton and yet never gain weight. I never have to worry about eating food that may contain high calories or fats. It could be that I have so much physical activity that keeps me from gaining weight or I simply have a very fast metabolism. I'm sorry, friends, but I'd like to be mean for one second and say this--EAT YOUR HEART OUT! Haha! Anyway, I can literally eat with all my heart because I don't have to worry about counting calories. My point is, I'd like to share the best and worst foods that I have ever tasted. These are mostly deserts--I always have room for desert. Again, please discontinue reading if you are famished, the following photos may be harmful for your computer screen.

This is the Tempura Ice Cream from Ramen Bar in Eastwood. It was good, but the ramen and their fried rice are certainly worth going back for. At Php120, two people can share this already. 

I originally wanted to try their mango crepe, but when I saw on the menu that they have double chocolate fudge brownie crepe at La Creperie in Eastwood Mall, I just had to order it. Well, my fiance loves chocolate, and although I am not a chocolate lover, I sort of want to see his reactions whenever he tastes chocolate that is "heavenly". This costs around Php220 and is also good for 2.

This next one is a birthday ice cream from Chili's at Greenbelt. Nothing special here, but the vanilla ice cream goes well with the crust. Not bad for free ice cream!

I was not sure if I wanted to grab the boy or the slice of cake. This is a slice of banoffee pie from Banapple in Katipunan, adorned with a birthday candle for the little boy to blow. I always leave the restaurant superbly full! And they also serve the yummiest mango shake I have ever tasted in my life.

I love pizza and I love steak, and Uncle Cheffy serves really good ones! 

At Myron's place in Greenbelt, they also serve heavenly steaks to die for!

Then there's the chilled taho from King Bee at Marcos Highway. I could probably gulp down 2 to 3 of these in one sitting!

This nasi goreng (fried rice) from Biku in Bali, Indonesia was my basic food when I lived there. It has just the right amount of spices and flavor! I want to learn how to cook this, since it would cost me a lot before I get another taste of Bali!

Nasi Goreng Breakfast

At the same restaurant (Biku), I tasted the sweetest and freshest strawberries and cream in my life.

Strawberries and Cream

I had a lot of good food in many other places and will start posting them one at a time. I realized I have this habit of taking photos of food that I eat everywhere, so I might as well share. Hungry?