Thursday, June 29, the Recruitment team attended a corporate training entitled, Abundance. It was a good reminder of the things we should really focus on in life. Here are the things that I have been reminded of and I hope you will learn a thing or two as well.

We all work to earn money, right? And we all know that money isn't everything. Yet, if we check our lives and our hearts we might find more greed (for lack of a better word) than we actually expected. I was reminded that it should be a piece of everything--money, happiness, relationships, values and heart. Our culture raised us in a way that wealth and comfort is the most important thing we should aim for. However, for us to be abundant, we must first accept that all blessings come from God. I have learned in the past that God would give us the desires of our heart and if we ask anything in His name, he would so freely give it to us--even if we don't deserve it most of the time. God also wants us to believe that we can have it, to have faith. We can have anything we want as long as we give up the belief that we can't have it.

If our hands are full, how can we receive more? God wants us to let go of all the bitterness, anger and worry in our hearts. How can He fill our hearts with abundance and blessings if it's full of all these negativities? Would our hearts even have space for love and compassion? As the saying goes, let go and let God. Let's set our worries aside. Seventy percent of worry does not happen, according to the speaker, which is according to his research. HEHE. So if that 30% happens, you will worry again 'cause it happened. Now you worried more than you should have.

God also wants us to give! It's almost always hard for us to give. As another old saying goes, you reap what you sow. So if we give more, we receive more--a hundred fold more! And that's a promise from God! Let's be faithful to give tithes, and most especially to bless other people.

I was also reminded to be positive, and to appreciate more than to expect. We must understand that other people are going through their own lives as well. I was convinced once more to watch my temper and appreciate that nothing ever happened by accident. If I was under a mean, nagging, conceited boss it is because God planned it. Out of 6 billion people in the world, she had to be my manager! (BTW, my boss isn't like that, I'm just illustrating.) Anyway, the point here is that if someone is difficult to handle--there must be a purpose there and we must be slow to anger and quick to forgive. We have to understand that all of us has a journey.

The part where I was really battered was when the speaker talked about quality time with family and self. I realized that quality time is quantity time as well. I have been spending a lot of time at work, staying there even after my shift is over to work on some few things and to get a fatter paycheck. The speaker's words pierced like sword into my heart when he said that one extra minute at work means one less minute with family and it's always not worth it. I believed that I didn't think this way but I have neglected my friends and even myself for the past few months because I was so engrossed in making money and saving up.

That talk was really refreshing for me. The speaker was able to deliver the message well so even if we heard it all before somewhere else, it made an impact in our lives no matter how small it is. And thus the birth of our new expression, ABUNDANCE!