Coco Beach Chronicles: The Last Hurrah

Our last hurrah for the summer 2006 is now coming to its end. Despite that Marielle and I stayed out late the night before, we have managed to wake up early and have breakfast at around 7am. Because of my now sunburnt skin, I painstakingly changed into my suit before we went down for a grub (or should I say feast?). We had sausages, scrambled eggs, honeydew, mangoes, pansit (?!), fruit juice, ham, cheese, and cereal! We ate more than the amount we promised to eat so it gave another excuse to swim a few more laps at the pool. If you've noticed, we never dipped in the sea except when we went snorkeling. It's because the waves in Coco Beach are quite huge and we're a bunch of wimps who won't dare swim there (except maybe for Vanessa who is a pretty good swimmer).

Trixie, Noelle, and Vanessa only stayed for about 20 minutes in the pool and went ahead to our rooms to pack (we need to check-out by 11am). Marielle and I remained soaked in the water until 10:30am, and left with such heaviness in our hearts (Haha drama!). I changed into a decent outfit and we checked out at around 11:30am. We had our lunch there as well. I won't write about what happened next because Noelle wrote about it in her blog. It's a case of discrimination among my fellow Filipino people so I'd rather not write about it. An example of colonial mentality. I strongly suggest you read Noelle's account.

I would like to focus instead on all the nice things that you can find in Coco Beach, the fun I had during my stay there, and the things that I would remember about this vacation:

There's the coral gardens. The vast empire of the sea. A magnificent wonder of the world. A beautiful creation of God.
The happy hour drinks. The company of my friends and the well-mixed drinks made this experience worth remembering. I definitely will go back for their Banana Special - bananas, Bailey's, vanilla ice cream, chocolate, kahlua and whisky.

The silent pool and jacuzzi. What better way to unwind and forget the urban rush than to sit down in a jacuzzi and sip your mango shake.
The good food. We looovvved all our meals. Though inconsistent when it comes to amount of serving, the taste is always excellent.
The tan. Slash sunburn. Haha. We came home with quite a different color and it screams, "We've been to the beach!". Remember not to use tanning oil or lotion before snorkeling.
The beach and the sea. Need I say more?