Celebrating My First Month in Bali

I was able to go out a couple of times this weekend, and unconsciously celebrated my first month in Bali.

4:30pm. I took a walk and explored the fancy concept shops along Laksamana Street in Seminyak. I found a decent tattoo parlor, which is a little upscale and might not actually be the best anyway. I also saw rice fields behind some shops that has glass windows at the back. It's a pretty sight.

6:30pm. I practiced hot yoga until around 8pm, went back to my villa to attend the ACTS Board meeting via Skype. I cooked dinner too.

11:45pm. Picked up by my yoga teacher/dance core student/studio owner and her boyfriend and we went out to a party in Drupadi Street in Seminyak, in a nice open place beside a rice field. I tried taking pictures but it was just too dark for my humble cellphone. I really found it funny for a restaurant/bar to be beside a freaking rice field! I had fun and it actually kept my mind away from being paranoid and pessimistic. 

A slow day.

1:00pm. I taught one hiphop class in the afternoon and then slept for the most part of the day. This is the day when all body ache decided to manifest from all the physical activities I did for the week.

Woke up at around lunch time and cooked food.

4:00pm. Hot yoga class. One of the best classes that I enjoyed. There were only 3 students (including myself) so the teacher really got to focus on us and correct our postures.

7:00pm. Dinner at Sea Circus Restaurant again in Seminyak (Oberoi Rd) with yoga-mates and some new friends. The food was good, the place is really cozy and hip and the company I was with was  even better. I was the youngest of the bunch and I extremely felt like a kid. 

What I realized? I have been too hard on myself over the past couple of weeks and that I should start taking it easy.