Visiting Kuta Karnival 2010

In my efforts to kill time, to find myself and to enjoy Bali, I found out that Kuta Karnival 2010 is coming up a day before its opening. So I did a little internet research and found out they started holding Kuta Karnival after the Bali Bombing about 8 years ago, to attract tourists again to go to this place. Anyway, the event opened on a Wednesday--I missed the opening parade but I was able to drop by on  Friday afternoon. I didn't see much, though. I caught a beach soccer match, kite flying event and the food festival. There was some kind of fashion and music awards happening that night by the Kuta beach but I decided not to be there and be caught in an awfully crowded place alone.

I went back to Kuta Beach on Sunday night to have dinner with a couple of new found Indonesian friends. We ate at Pizza Hut (so much for wanting to try out local restaurants). 

We braved the crowd at the food festival and caught some kind of cultural show. It was pretty. There was also a band playing onstage. 

That's one thing off my list of things to do here in Bali. :)