Roller Coaster Ride That's Called 2010

I'll be so happy one minute then incredibly sad the next.

Like riding a rollercoaster. You are up at the top for a second, but will be at the bottom before you know it. It comes with thrills that are uncomfortably pleasing but you don't want to be on it forever. Good thing is that every ride will come to an end eventually. And so my 2010 did.

I lost faith in myself, in people and most especially in God. I sought refuge in all the wrong places when I didn't get what I want right away. I ended up losing more than I ever bargained for. Last year probably marks the record number of tears that I cried. The laughter I had didn't quite catch up.

At the time when I left Manila 2 days after my 26th birthday, people took me for granted and no one trusted me. My accidental 2 months (10 weeks to be exact) in Bali found me new people--some trustworthy and some who are just not worth it. The place loved me and I loved it back wholeheartedly. It helped me find myself and realize what I really want and where I should be. Perhaps it also made some people realize my worth because I wasn't around.

2010 ended well anyway. I was full of hope that "every little thing is gonna be alright". I am still so tired of bargaining and compromises but I guess life is never complete without it.

This 2011, I am determined pursue the life-long goals I wrote down when I was still young and innocent. Focus on things that I have and I can do rather than those that I don't have and which are out of my control. Grab opportunities that come my way. Make things happen.

I don't want to write another blog a year from now, wishing that I had done these things last year. I will write about adventures and achievements as much as I write about heartbreaks and love stories. Hello, 2011!

My 2010 in photos:

Surprise birthday treat for Apple: March 2010

Trip to Calaruega: April 2010

Danced with Charice: May & September 2010

ACTS Summer at Calatagan: June 2010

New ACTS Dance and Arts Academy studio: September 2010

Party nights in Bali: November 2010

Found my Storm Trooper: November 2010

Jeff and Meg's Wedding: December 2010

Zachy is a big boy now: December 2010