Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Why I Love My BlackBerry

I've been a BlackBerry user for almost a year now. I bought my first Blackberry Curve 9300 around the end of December last year and since then, I have loved and I guess will always be a BB babe. I have tried different mobile phones in the past--from the ancient Nokia 5110 to Sony Ericsson and even the touch screen Samsung Corby mobile phones. But why am I so sold at my BlackBerry that I might have convinced a few friends--and my iPhone fan fiance--to switch to a BB?

BlackBerry Messenger
This is the ultimate application that beats texting, provided your whole set of friends and family are on BBM too! Of course I have to be subscribed to BIS (BlackBerry Internet Service) but it only costs roughly Php300 a month for unlimited BBM and social apps, or Php600 if I also want to use email services. I know a lot of friends who significantly reduced their monthly phone bills when they started using their BBMs! Plus, I can BBM anyone even if they are abroad, perfect for families and friends who are away. Oh and there is no need to be connected to WiFi in order to use it.

Social Apps
Being a Twitter and Facebook junkie, I love how I can also check my friend's updates in the absence of WiFi connection or a laptop. It also gives me freedom to post photos and updates in real time. These apps also allow me to contact my friends who are not on BBM (but who are always on Facebook and Twitter). Nice, huh? Again, this is another load-saving benefit, decreasing the need for me to visit the nearby sari-sari stores (variety stores) to buy load.

Yahoo Messenger and GTalk
Because my fiance's iPhone was stolen a few months back (and he refuses to use any other mediocre phone), it is very hard for me to get in touch with him. However, since I have YM on my BB because of the BIS, I can message him anytime while he is at work, informing him about my whereabouts. A freelancer like me never stays at one place in a single day so it is very useful. In addition, I can also go online on GTalk so my clients can send me messages even when I am not online on GMail. Isn't that cool?

I can also receive and send emails using my phone without having to install a new app. When I send emails, you will see that cool message at the bottom that says "Sent from my BlackBerry Mobile Device." It makes my emails look cool-er-rer. Yeah. 

More Features
BlackBerry Protect app automatically backs up my messages, contacts and apps so I can still install the same information on a new device. My first BB was broken and I had everything restored on my new BB, without the need for me to sync it with iTunes, etc. My Facebook and Google calendar syncs with my phone's so I would never have to forget a birthday because my phone would remind me with an alarm. I can also purchase paid apps using my Paypal account, unlike iPhone Appworld that only accepts credit cards.

Most of all, I have to say that the QWERTY keyboard makes the BlackBerry very attractive to my eyes. I am not an iPhone hater, in fact, I enjoyed tinkering with my fiance's iPhone before it was stolen and I even plan to purchase an iPad 2 so i could still enjoy the Apple apps (I am a MacBook user too). Still, BlackBerry will be my top choice when it comes to mobile phones. The phone is far from perfect--I could use a better battery life or fewer instances of the phone freezing--but it's something I could certainly live with. What about you? Why do you love your BlackBerry? (And what's your BBM? Haha!)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Whip My Hair

Our trip to Cebu last July was not all about food. We held dance workshops at our friend's studio, Spotlight Dance Co as part of the ACTS Academy Workshop Tour. This is a video of my Ladies Hiphop dance class, featuring music by Willow Smith and Nicki Minaj: Whip My Hair. 

I must say, despite the hardships that all the ladies like me encounter everyday, it's a must we whip our hair through it and rock this life like crazy. (That's just me trying to put a little drama into this otherwise usual dance video. Haha!)

I teach at the ACTS dance studio regularly, visit their website for class schedules and updates. :)

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Eat and Be Merry

On days when I find myself unable to finish writing my articles for work, I usually become creative enough to write for my blog. Tonight, I find myself unable to do both. Still, I have a strong urge to add something to this blog, and so I would attempt to write anything from the top of my mind. Because my Happy Lemon craving wasn't satisfied tonight, I would write about food! 

I am one of the lucky ones who can eat a ton and yet never gain weight. I never have to worry about eating food that may contain high calories or fats. It could be that I have so much physical activity that keeps me from gaining weight or I simply have a very fast metabolism. I'm sorry, friends, but I'd like to be mean for one second and say this--EAT YOUR HEART OUT! Haha! Anyway, I can literally eat with all my heart because I don't have to worry about counting calories. My point is, I'd like to share the best and worst foods that I have ever tasted. These are mostly deserts--I always have room for desert. Again, please discontinue reading if you are famished, the following photos may be harmful for your computer screen.

This is the Tempura Ice Cream from Ramen Bar in Eastwood. It was good, but the ramen and their fried rice are certainly worth going back for. At Php120, two people can share this already. 

I originally wanted to try their mango crepe, but when I saw on the menu that they have double chocolate fudge brownie crepe at La Creperie in Eastwood Mall, I just had to order it. Well, my fiance loves chocolate, and although I am not a chocolate lover, I sort of want to see his reactions whenever he tastes chocolate that is "heavenly". This costs around Php220 and is also good for 2.

This next one is a birthday ice cream from Chili's at Greenbelt. Nothing special here, but the vanilla ice cream goes well with the crust. Not bad for free ice cream!

I was not sure if I wanted to grab the boy or the slice of cake. This is a slice of banoffee pie from Banapple in Katipunan, adorned with a birthday candle for the little boy to blow. I always leave the restaurant superbly full! And they also serve the yummiest mango shake I have ever tasted in my life.

I love pizza and I love steak, and Uncle Cheffy serves really good ones! 

At Myron's place in Greenbelt, they also serve heavenly steaks to die for!

Then there's the chilled taho from King Bee at Marcos Highway. I could probably gulp down 2 to 3 of these in one sitting!

This nasi goreng (fried rice) from Biku in Bali, Indonesia was my basic food when I lived there. It has just the right amount of spices and flavor! I want to learn how to cook this, since it would cost me a lot before I get another taste of Bali!

Nasi Goreng Breakfast

At the same restaurant (Biku), I tasted the sweetest and freshest strawberries and cream in my life.

Strawberries and Cream

I had a lot of good food in many other places and will start posting them one at a time. I realized I have this habit of taking photos of food that I eat everywhere, so I might as well share. Hungry?

Thursday, September 08, 2011


I have not shared any dance videos recently in this blog, as I have not really been very keen to share any of our recent performances. Here's one that I am happy to share. One of these days, I will post a video with these lovely hiphopping ladies dancing to my choreo. Watch out for it! 

The Stylettos dancing to Muny by Nikki Minaj. Choreography by Dianne Sulit. Taken at ACTS Dance and Arts Academy. :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cebu Trip Turned Food Trip

My first trip to Cebu was a total relaxation and a feast for my appetite! Our Cebuana friend, Marie, took us in her house-turned-dance-studio (Spotlight Dance Co Cebu) in Mandaue City where we did a 3-day workshop series during our stay. We arrived very early in the morning from a very early flight (4am) so despite our hunger, we slept as soon as arrived at the house, but that day's lunch was the beginning of an almost week-long food adventure! Warning: I am about to post photos of food. Make sure you are not famished otherwise you might smack at your monitors... 

Day 1
We had lunch at Harbour City where there's really affordable but very delicious dim sum.

The desert I had was equally delicious considering it only costs around Php50! Choco bavarian creme for the win!

We spent the rest of the day going around Ayala Mall and exploring Magellan's Cross before our dance classes that evening. We had our late lunch at Chowabunga in Cebu IT Park, where they serve rice wrapped in scrambled egg. It was yummy!

The highlight of the day! Desert! Always my favorite part of the meal, we had our first warm brownie cup from La Marea for desert and we felt like we were in heaven.

Day 2
We cooked breakfast that consisted of spam, eggs, tuna and corn--a great way to start another long day.

Our second day in Cebu was reserved for a fishing trip, but before heading to the marina, we stopped over a store by the street to grab some halo-halo! This is one of the best I've tasted my whole life, as it was packed with fresh fruits (including avocado).

We ate the fish we caught for lunch, but before it became the bangus sisig, it looked like this. Nice catch, right?

We had dinner at Abuhan Restaurant where they serve great pochero (Cebuano's version of nilagang baka). Desert was epic, as it was spent at East West where we had our dose of mango sushi crepe. If Jon went crazy about the warm brownie cup, I went crazy for this. I could eat a whole plate on my own!

Day 3
We woke up just in time to watch Captain America showing at 1pm. Thus, we had a very late lunch at Sunburst, a place that's very popular for their chicken and crispy chicken skin.

It was the last day of workshops so we hung at the studio a little longer with the students, and we realized that if we have dinner first, La Marea will close before we get there (it closes at 11pm). We therefore decided to go to the shop before having dinner. Yup, desert came first!

After that, we headed to Larshian for the real dinner. 

Day 4
Beach bound! It's the weekend, and we headed north to San Remigio beach where our friend has a beach house. The halo-halo store was on the way so we had our usual stop over.

Our Cebu trip will not be complete without it, so guess what we had for lunch and dinner by the beach: lechon! Stuffed myself silly and slept all afternoon, woke up for dinner then had a massage. I wished I could like that everyday, but I wonder if I would still appreciate it. Hmm.

Day 5
Our last day on the beach, we woke up around 5am to go to this store in town that serves very good puto maya and pure hot cocoa.

After overdosing ourselves with cholesterol from the lechon, grilled fish and squid were served for lunch!

Everyone else flew back home that night except me, my fiance and another friend of ours.

Day 6
Our last day in Cebu. Marie treated us to a goodbye lunch at Chika-an, where we had kare-kare, kalderetang kambing (I did not try it), Monggo soup, sizzling squid, ensaladang mangga and cucumber lemonade.

Of course we had both a warm brownie cup and mango sushi crepe for desert as it's our last hurrah to get it. The trip was fun, not only because of all the places we went to and the food we ate but because of the company and the new people we met during our dance workshops. We promised it's going to be an annual trip. On that note, and because I am writing this from the studio, I shall go ahead and grab breakfast from McDonald's!

Friday, July 22, 2011

On A Serious Note

A few hours ago, I was annoyed to my core and could not help but burst into a controversial tweet and Facebook status. The reactions were pretty amusing and I eventually felt better after reading and replying to all the witty comments from friends. The best part? I think the person I was mysteriously referring to KNOWS that I am referring to no other person but HER. Entertaining, right?

Disclaimer: I am about to write something very vague. I don't think I'm supposed to write about this but for the sake of making myself feel better, I will ramble anyway.
I have always been misunderstood in one aspect of my life and opinion, and after what happened last year, I could no longer fight for any case regardless if I could die knowing I am right, even if that case was already my case even before last year's turmoil (and partly may have even caused the turmoil). Now that I have more valid and rational reasons to put this case forward (example: greener pasture), it's still ignored and I am more evidently misunderstood. Got it? I know you didn't. Haha.

Today, I think my dear one somehow forgot one of our rules or he may have deliberately done it to piss me off. He lost something valuable (wasn't my fault in any way) and I took most of the blow, which I don't really mind as it is my pleasure to comfort him. However, things from the past were brought up and I just felt completely depressed. Still, I felt it's not the time for me to bring it up and discuss as he still copes from his loss. Besides, he made me feel how I'm such a burden to him right now and I didn't really want to validate that. 

The tweets and facebook status: "The Strike 2"
I went on and replied to tweets that for me appear to be flirtatious. Take note: this is not the first time it happened, but this is the first time I reacted publicly and I made sure the person sees it. Can anyone blame me if I think the tweets are inappropriate for a girl who is in a relationship? What if it was me who send tweets like that to someone else? Can I pass it up as wholesome and brotherly? I don't think so. Well, she did not reply directly to my supposedly friendly tweet that simply show I am supporting my better half to encourage her. I guess she was smart enough to see the sarcasm. I know she realized I was referring to her in my Facebook status when she started acting innocent and tweeting about people being judgmental. How entertaining!

"The Strike 1"
Several months ago (shortly after I arrived from Bali), my fiance tagged me along to a party. When this girl in question arrived, she greeted my man, he greeted back and she demanded that he kisses her too instead of giving her a plain and simple hi. My man was caught in a rather awkward moment knowing I heard and saw everything and simply told her that I was there (in embarrassment). He knows me so well that this is not the kind of thing that is acceptable in our relationship. We established already that it was him who allowed people to treat him like that and have agreed to do otherwise. I have nothing against the girl, but the question still remains--if she is really like that why not ask everyone else in the room to kiss her? What if I wasn't there, would he have given her the kiss she was asking for, regardless if it was a "friendly" one on the cheek? Would she ask my guy to kiss her if her boyfriend was standing right next to her? How would she feel if another girl asks the same thing from her boyfriend?

On A Serious Note
My rage aside, and even if there is no history of jealousy and cheating involved, I think it's a matter of respect which this silly girl doesn't seem to have. It's hidden in innocent tweets and church-going facade but she doesn't know how to act appropriately as a person who is in a relationship. Even if there is truly nothing going on, there should be a certain level of distance. I do not ask my best guy friend (a close friend of mine since high school) to kiss me in place of a simple hi. Any person who religiously attends church should know that. I am not coming clean but having done both the right and the wrong, and taking responsibility as well as the consequences for my actions, I reckon I am in a very good position to recognize it and stop it at its onset. I expect more from this educated person and I am truly disappointed. Is it really hard to respect other people?

I feel somehow better now because I know that the case I have been fighting for since time immemorial (even back before our first breakup in 2009 happened) have a solid grounding. No amount of invalidation can discourage me now, at least in that aspect. The only difference is I get more assurance now that I am the only one but I also always get reminded for getting derailed for a while. I feel pathetic at times, but I figured love sucks like that. I am just really scared that there might come a day when I would grow tired and simply stop fighting or caring. I am not very difficult to love, but because I give a high regard to myself and value things that most people don't, it can be quite challenging to keep up.

I have to admit that my Facebook status was a little harsh, but I enjoyed the reaction I gained afterwards. After all, that's freedom of speech, right? If she has the right to bluntly flirt with my man then I am free to bash. I could be a witch with a capital B when I want to, and I mean it.

Who is wrong in this sticky situation? My man, the little miss, or me? Your opinion is welcome.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dance Trip to Singapura

We found out about a seat sale online, our friends are convincing us to fly to attend classes and the next thing we know, we booked a flight to Singapore in three weeks' time! That was a very short notice for us who like to plan our trips well but we figured we just have to do it now or never.

The flight was pretty smooth and fun, I experienced the most comfortable descent ever. It was raining  when we landed at Changi International Airport. We will stay at a friend's house for the rest of the days but we booked our first night in a cheap backpackers hostel where we shared a room with 8 other people, 4 of which were white European men (who were probably our age). It was a shock when we found them shirtless when we went back to our room that evening. I did not like any part of that stay, but we were on a tight budget and would rather spend on a dance class. Like I always say, it's another story to tell! It was a relief to finally move to my friend's house at Marymount.

July 1, Friday
We explored Marina Bay during the day before we attended our first dance class at Recognize Studios in the evening. I took Reggae and Vogueing, thus giving me several bruises on my knee and elbows after my FIRST dance class. Gosh. We also took a bus back to Marymount only to realize we got off on the wrong stop that we had to take a taxi cab! The bus was impressive, we can use our "MRT cards" to pay for the fare.

July 2, Saturday
Universal Studios! I enjoyed the shows. I am not of fan of rides that make me feel as if I left my soul somewhere up in the air so I was only able to really appreciate the ones that put the movies to life. My favorite attraction was Waterworld, being a fan of this movie since I was a little kid. Perhaps I would enjoy it even more if I was with my fiance or my family.

July 3, Sunday
We attended our first Brian Puspos class at DanzPeople. After the class, I met up with my fiance and I's best friend who has been working in SG for a year already. They took me around Orchard Road, which was probably a bad idea because of the crowd--it was Sunday and payday so everyone was out spending their money! I enjoyed sitting down with them though and catching up as well reminiscing our stories. Nothing beats seeing a good friend that I haven't seen in a while. I met up with my friends again and we had a very late dinner at Newton Circus with our newfound friend/dance teacher Brian.

July 4, Monday
Watched the Transformers movie in the afternoon then headed to the studio again to accompany my friend Apple as she takes another BP class.

July 5, Tuesday
Went to Bugis for shopping! Well I did not really shop as I was saving my money for classes. I just bought a few strands of blonde hair extensions for only $1 each. All of us attended another BP class--it was frustrating as his style is so different from mine but I was very challenged at the same time. We headed to Recognize after class to watch the class of Mike Silas (Lady Gaga's choreographer). We arrived in time to catch his very inspiring talk--I was in tears when I left the studio. Never have I been so sure that I am in the right industry, doing what I love.

July 6, Wednesday
Our last full day in Singapore. Attended the Jazz Funk class (finally, something I can do very well!) with Mazlan. Also, we were so blessed to have been allowed to join the BP class that night even if the class was full already. My friends and I ended the night with Jack Daniels, Tiger and some Bacardi!

I didn't want the trip to end but my resources are already at its lowest (READ: wallet seem to be on a diet). After the trip, I have never been inspired to teach and train at the same time. I felt good about myself because of this trip, knowing that I can still improve and that there are many opportunities ahead of me.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Singapore Trip Teaser

This entry is not the full account of my one week trip to Singapore. I simply want to write how overwhelmed and thankful I am to have gone to this trip (which we booked in a whim). We went here to attend dance classes that are not usually offered in the Philippines, as well as to catch a dance class or two from an international choreographer that my friends really like. The classes and the teachers I have met have all been inspiring.

I am reminded of why I love dancing and how much I love performing. Most importantly, my passion to teach and share my talent to other people was re-ignited. I have not been very confident so far about my skills in terms of choreography and execution. After this trip, I am humbled, more inspired to increase my talent and to keep working harder. This is love.

With Izzy, Vogueing Class

With Brian Puspos

Sunday, June 12, 2011


I should be writing 3 overdue articles for one of my clients, but here I am tapping my keyboard away to write a blog entry. But hey, it's Sunday evening so I guess I deserve a little bit of break to write about the beach!

Yup! Last month, I spent 3 days and 3 nights in Boracay Island. It was my fiance and I's first time to go there, and the flight we took was hours earlier than the rest of the gang we are spending the holiday with. It was quite an adventure to get there, as we did not know exactly how plus we relied solely on the advice of several friends. I was hesitant at first to take a Zest Air flight, but I was generally comfortable and satisfied throughout our short flight from Manila to Kalibo. The 2-hour shuttle ride from Kalibo International Airport to Caticlan Jetty Port was rather boring and could've been more exciting had I taken it with people I know. When we finally arrived at the Boracay Island, we still had to take a tricycle to the beach and we were surprised at how expensive the fares are! 

My fiance and I spent the whole afternoon by the beach with our bags still with us, as the owner of the house we were going to stay at took a later flight. It was a lovely feeling to watch the sunset again after having done it almost everyday for over two months when I lived in Bali last yeat. It is even more wonderful that I got to watch it with my love. I watched two more sunsets in Boracay during my stay there, and all were breathtaking. I was also able to put my expertise in beach photography into use. The long walks from Station 2 to 3 was quite enjoyable too, at least for someone like me who likes walking. :)

Burst of Sun

We went island hopping, food tripping, happy hour (at 2pm!), snorkeling (which I did not enjoy because of the huge waves), and sun bathing--I couldn't help but wish to live like that everyday! Our trip was concluded during our last night in the island, when we were invited to someone's beach party with free flowing cocktails. The highlight of the night? I jammed with a reggae band (after a little persuasion from drunk friends) and danced with Jon at the beach under the moonlight.

I must say that we fell in love with Boracay because of its beauty. I would definitely go back next year.

Thursday, May 05, 2011


After 5 (long) years and 5 (long) months, I am engaged! The heartaches, pain, negativities, as well as the joys and laughters have all been summed up and taken on a (slightly) higher notch. I honestly did not think that my relationship, after all that we have been through, would still reach this stage. I have to admit that deep inside me I wanted it to happen but on the surface I simply stopped believing it will.

Our trip to Baguio last February was highlighted by a surprise proposal from my dear boyfriend of five years (and my best friend for like, forever).

Obviously, I said yes!

And I'm thankful for having polished my nails for this picture perfect effect. :D

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Brain Farts from my Facebook Profile

There's this app in Facebook that I tried out and it sort of extracts all the status messages that you posted for the whole year. Here are some of what I wrote since 2009. I only picked out my favorites--some were quotes I found somewhere, and some are lines of a song. What's your favorite?

Everyone has the right to love or hate you. It's how you respond to it that makes the difference. 
Lifelong relationships require FAITH (believing the best) and FORGIVENESS (forgetting the worst). Dear God, please let me have both.
Love sunsets. Reminds me how a day, or anything else, could end so beautifully.
I choose to respond to cruelty with love. Will you?
Learn to say sorry, value the people you love and who loves you, and say thanks to people who exert an effort to care.
A girl doesn't need to take her shirt off for a guy to have a view of her heart.
If you did not bother to ask me how I am doing, how I feel, hear my side and ask if I'm okay, then you don't have the right to judge me.
People laugh at me because I'm different. I laugh at them because they are all the same.
Ang mga gamit, kahit papaano kayang bilhin. Ang buhay hindi. Thank God that all my friends and family survived the horrible weekend. Walang tulog, takot at gutom pero we survived. I now pray for comfort for the families who lost their loved ones.
Once lang ang ligaw. Pero araw araw ang panunuyo.
You fall, I rise.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Roller Coaster Ride That's Called 2010

I'll be so happy one minute then incredibly sad the next.

Like riding a rollercoaster. You are up at the top for a second, but will be at the bottom before you know it. It comes with thrills that are uncomfortably pleasing but you don't want to be on it forever. Good thing is that every ride will come to an end eventually. And so my 2010 did.

I lost faith in myself, in people and most especially in God. I sought refuge in all the wrong places when I didn't get what I want right away. I ended up losing more than I ever bargained for. Last year probably marks the record number of tears that I cried. The laughter I had didn't quite catch up.

At the time when I left Manila 2 days after my 26th birthday, people took me for granted and no one trusted me. My accidental 2 months (10 weeks to be exact) in Bali found me new people--some trustworthy and some who are just not worth it. The place loved me and I loved it back wholeheartedly. It helped me find myself and realize what I really want and where I should be. Perhaps it also made some people realize my worth because I wasn't around.

2010 ended well anyway. I was full of hope that "every little thing is gonna be alright". I am still so tired of bargaining and compromises but I guess life is never complete without it.

This 2011, I am determined pursue the life-long goals I wrote down when I was still young and innocent. Focus on things that I have and I can do rather than those that I don't have and which are out of my control. Grab opportunities that come my way. Make things happen.

I don't want to write another blog a year from now, wishing that I had done these things last year. I will write about adventures and achievements as much as I write about heartbreaks and love stories. Hello, 2011!

My 2010 in photos:

Surprise birthday treat for Apple: March 2010

Trip to Calaruega: April 2010

Danced with Charice: May & September 2010

ACTS Summer at Calatagan: June 2010

New ACTS Dance and Arts Academy studio: September 2010

Party nights in Bali: November 2010

Found my Storm Trooper: November 2010

Jeff and Meg's Wedding: December 2010

Zachy is a big boy now: December 2010