Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sunsets in Bali

Pink and Orange

I love sunsets-- and here in Bali, I find it really stunning. It could be because there's no smog at all, allowing me to see the sky clearly. 

The sunsets I've watched over the last three months that I was here reminded me that a day, no matter how bad it was, can end so beautifully. All days wouldn't end like this all the time, as you can see in my pictures-- there were cloudy, rainy days too when I would walk back to my villa without taking a picture. Even the same sunset at the same place can look differently but it's good to know that the sky is capable of being breathtakingly beautiful when possible, and sometimes, just right when I need it to be. Made me think that anything in life can end beautifully, although it wouldn't all the time.

I'm on my last week in paradise and who knows when I will be back, but I will surely keep the memories of sunsets and Bintangs forever.

sunset in bali

Sunset at Ku De Ta

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Life is Beautiful

Many people say that when one is hurting, he or she becomes creative. Here are some of the photos I've taken recently. Aside from writing and yoga, this is another way for me to vent out my frustration, anger and pain. I hope my life is as beautiful as these.

Strawberries and Cream

Flowers in a Vase

Jepun Jepang


Seconds after Sunset

Monday, October 18, 2010

Celebrating My First Month in Bali

I was able to go out a couple of times this weekend, and unconsciously celebrated my first month in Bali.

4:30pm. I took a walk and explored the fancy concept shops along Laksamana Street in Seminyak. I found a decent tattoo parlor, which is a little upscale and might not actually be the best anyway. I also saw rice fields behind some shops that has glass windows at the back. It's a pretty sight.

6:30pm. I practiced hot yoga until around 8pm, went back to my villa to attend the ACTS Board meeting via Skype. I cooked dinner too.

11:45pm. Picked up by my yoga teacher/dance core student/studio owner and her boyfriend and we went out to a party in Drupadi Street in Seminyak, in a nice open place beside a rice field. I tried taking pictures but it was just too dark for my humble cellphone. I really found it funny for a restaurant/bar to be beside a freaking rice field! I had fun and it actually kept my mind away from being paranoid and pessimistic. 

A slow day.

1:00pm. I taught one hiphop class in the afternoon and then slept for the most part of the day. This is the day when all body ache decided to manifest from all the physical activities I did for the week.

Woke up at around lunch time and cooked food.

4:00pm. Hot yoga class. One of the best classes that I enjoyed. There were only 3 students (including myself) so the teacher really got to focus on us and correct our postures.

7:00pm. Dinner at Sea Circus Restaurant again in Seminyak (Oberoi Rd) with yoga-mates and some new friends. The food was good, the place is really cozy and hip and the company I was with was  even better. I was the youngest of the bunch and I extremely felt like a kid. 

What I realized? I have been too hard on myself over the past couple of weeks and that I should start taking it easy. 

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Visiting Kuta Karnival 2010

In my efforts to kill time, to find myself and to enjoy Bali, I found out that Kuta Karnival 2010 is coming up a day before its opening. So I did a little internet research and found out they started holding Kuta Karnival after the Bali Bombing about 8 years ago, to attract tourists again to go to this place. Anyway, the event opened on a Wednesday--I missed the opening parade but I was able to drop by on  Friday afternoon. I didn't see much, though. I caught a beach soccer match, kite flying event and the food festival. There was some kind of fashion and music awards happening that night by the Kuta beach but I decided not to be there and be caught in an awfully crowded place alone.

I went back to Kuta Beach on Sunday night to have dinner with a couple of new found Indonesian friends. We ate at Pizza Hut (so much for wanting to try out local restaurants). 

We braved the crowd at the food festival and caught some kind of cultural show. It was pretty. There was also a band playing onstage. 

That's one thing off my list of things to do here in Bali. :)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Things to Do in Bali

Today marks my 12th day here in Bali, Indonesia. So far I have seen quite a lot of places (Kuta, Seminyak, Legian) but have not explored it thoroughly. I have noticed that there are loads of restaurants, shops, spas, beaches and temples that I have yet to visit and see more closely. I have seen the famous Kuta Beach sunset and it was indeed beautiful, although I'd say the sunsets in the Philippines are more breathtaking. It was a cloudy day when I saw it so I guess I'll have to see it again.

I made a mental checklist of things to do and it's about time I put them in writing. Some of these are within reach, some might need more guts (and money!) for me try out. This is also a good list of things to do for those visiting Bali soon.

  • Visit Kuta Square again and make sure to buy stuff from my favorite surf clothing brands! Prices are 30 to 50% lower than back home.
  • Watch another sunset in Kuta Beach, cocktail and camera ready with me.
  • Attend the Kuta Karnival 2010 and pig out at the food festival area.
  • Go to Padang-Padang Beach where the bigger waves, hot surfers and white beaches are.
  • Ride a motorcycle going to Ubud, where there are still plenty of rice terraces.
  • Improve on the 26 bikram yoga postures I am practicing.
  • Visit at least one of the nine directional Hindu temples, perhaps the Uluwatu Temple, which is about 45 minutes taxi ride away from my villa.
  • Take surfing lessons.
  • Get a Balinese massage from any of the fancy salons.
  • Drive a car! It's right-hand wheel drive here, so that should be challenging.
  • Buy coffee from Starbucks AND Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. I wonder if it will taste differently.
  • Learn how to cook good nasi goreng, an Indonesian fried rice.
  • Walk from Seminyak Beach to Kuta Beach. I heard it's an hour's worth of walk and a lot of people have discouraged me from doing it, but I don’t practice yoga and dance for nothing.
  • Eat at a restaurant called Warung Murah. Cheap but good food made it popular among expats and tourists here.
  • Party at one of the hip dance clubs by the beach.
  • Attend a Hindu ceremony at the Pettitenget temple.
  • Watch a cultural show or cabaret show at one of the theaters.
These should keep me busy on days when I don't have dance or yoga practice. I will keep adding things to this list, and I shall cross out those that I have done.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

First Day in Bali Indonesia

After an exhausting flight from Manila (1:30pm - 4:40pm flight to Singapore and 9:00pm to 11:30pm flight to Bali), I spent the next day with my friend Jane walking around the streets of Bali. In this picture is my favorite street where most of the shops that I like are located. My favorite isn't D&G by the way, but Roxy, Quiksilver, Volcom, Globe, Hurley made me drool! This street is a little far from the villa where I'm staying--we had to take a taxi going here. Of course we went to the beach but we did not swim, we just walked around. Today we went to the studio where I will TRY to learn Bikram Yoga.

After all the news I heard today that was mostly disheartening, I walked around the vicinity of where I am staying for the next two months--I breathed some fresh air and explored the night lights in Bali. I didn't walk very far though because I got a little scared when I reached a poorly lit street. But the rest of the lights and architecture (which was one of the things that impressed me about this city/town) are quite pretty at night. I wish a have more money to spend here though so I could visit the concept restaurants and maybe go to a spa but perhaps I'll save it for next time!

I think Bali is a place that I will learn to love for the next 10 weeks that I will stay here. 

Monday, June 21, 2010

Unexpected Weekend + Monday

I had an unexpected weekend. =) Well, most of the events that happened over the past year of my life have been unexpected and, in my opinion, almost unbelievable anyway.

Friday. I was supposed to celebrate my officemate's birthday after work but I ended up having a spontaneous dinner and drinkies with my other officemate at Pasto in Eastwood. I also had the option to go to Baguio with my BFFs but I need to be home this weekend. We unexpectedly swung by Guweilo's to "watch UFC" or "meet some friends" who "didn't show up." Yeah I know you can't relate to that. Shrimp alfredo and four glasses of lemon margarita made this night complete.

Saturday. Bummed the whole day. Indulged myself in snooping over other people's live through their Facebook profiles. Also tried to do some work for ACTS but was slightly unsuccessful. Baby sat Zach which was the most fulfilling task of the day.

Sunday. Father's day. Almost crazy with loneliness and too much thinking, but looked forward to going to church and dinner with family. Zach enjoyed the outing so much that it was so hard to make him go to sleep that night. Funny but so lovable little man.

Monday. Unfortunately, it's another work day. Although it was not as hectic as I have predicted it to be, it was still a little too stressful for my current over-sensitive self. Spent half of the day feeling dizzy, hungry and frustrated. Watched a good movie, had some post-father's day bonding with my dad and I realized that the day did not turn out so bad after all.

This week is indeed another chance to start and make things right. I am so looking forward to the next weekend.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Proud Tita

It's been almost a year! I've been busy with dance and work as usual but I plan to revive this blog despite the availability and convenience of microblogging sites such as Twitter and Facebook. I figured I need to brush up on my writing skills. Yikes.

What happened over the last year? Quite a lot, I should say. I wouldn't be able to put it in one post without sounding boring so I'll write about them in separate posts.

First off, I am an official Tita (aunt) now! Two baby boys are now the apples of my eye--if I am allowed to have two at all. Hehe. Miggy and Zach: the sweetest, most adorable little boys I've seen.

My loves.